The first forensics science university in Africa will be built in Uganda. Providing an education in forensics for Uganda authorities and officials and other departments within their government and private businesses. This was shared with the press after Uganda’s President Museveni approved the development of the National Forensics Science University Campus.

A global reach:


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The university will have affiliation to the National Forensic Science University of India. India’s university is the first in the world to provide specialized training in forensic, cybersecurity, digital forensics, behavioral, and allied science.

A statement from President Museveni:

“That’s a very good plan because it deals with capacities in forensics of cyber, biochemistry and UAVs which are all needed for security, defense but also anti-crime,” stated President Museveni. Also expressing if the University were to open in November, the country will be able to recover costs. Since many of the banks and other private businesses are ready to pay to train their staff in forensics.

Attracting soldiers world wide:

President Museveni also believes the campus will have the potential to attract students from different regions as well as improve security measures for government agencies.

The campus:

The university will span over 130 acres of land and is expected to be built in four phases. The first phase of the campus will begin in November of this year until March of 2023. Introducing four post-graduate courses. Digital forensics, homeland security, cyber security, and fingerprint science are the diplomas that will be offered in the first phase. Down the line they will introduce ten more courses. The courses will serve useful to law enforcement agencies, banks, and insurance companies, as well as Uganda’s Wildlife Authority.

The visitation team from the annex in India have already selected seven individuals to fill the first set of staff in the university. Three of the seven are civilians and the rest are already working alongside the Ministry of Internal Affairs. All the candidates have gained master’s Degrees from the Forensic University in India.