Uber Launches Solo Teen Travel Option In Atlanta: What Parents Need To Know
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Klaus Vedfelt

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Klaus Vedfelt

Uber Launches Solo Teen Travel Option In Atlanta: What Parents Need To Know

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña May 24, 2023

Uber is expanding to accommodate busy families by offering a new option for teenagers to ride solo in select cities. The initiative aims to provide kids with the freedom to request their own rides while ensuring parents receive notifications for each trip taken.

Notably, Uber’s teen accounts come with live safety updates that parents can monitor in real-time. Parents can easily track their children’s rides from pickup to drop-off. To prioritize the safety of teenage riders, Uber will match them exclusively with highly rated and experienced drivers. While the company conducts thorough background checks and annual driver screenings, this practice applies to all drivers.

How Uber Teen Rides Work

Once inside the vehicle, the destinations for teen riders are locked, preventing drivers from altering them. Only teenage passengers have the authority to modify their destinations. Uber, however, promises to provide status updates throughout the trip via live trip tracking.

In addition to live tracking and destination lock, Uber has implemented a range of always-on safety features for teen riders. These features include PIN verification, RideCheck, and the option to record audio during the trip. Furthermore, teenagers can access support services and directly call 911 through the app, if necessary.

While Uber now offers group rides for teens, all passengers must be at least 13 years old and have obtained permission from a parent or legal guardian if they are under 18. As an extra safety measure, teens must sit in the back seat when utilizing the Uber Teen features. Moreover, parents or guardians can conveniently communicate with drivers directly through the Uber app.

In addition to Atlanta, teen accounts are now available in several other cities. Dallas, Dayton, Houston, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Nashville, New York City, and several other cities now offer this as an option.

Uber’s expansion of its services to cater to teenage riders reflects its commitment to safety and convenience, providing a reliable transportation option for families while ensuring the well-being of young passengers.

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