Turbulence Causes Flight Attendant To Break His Ankle On Board
Photo Credit: Photo by Kit Suman

Photo Credit: Photo by Kit Suman

Turbulence Causes Flight Attendant To Break His Ankle On Board

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones Oct 21, 2022

We’ve all been on a plane when turbulence hits, and for the most part, it isn’t too bad. But for one flight attendant, turbulence caused by a severe storm knocked him off his feet and caused him to break his ankle. His colleague was also injured, though less severely.

The event happened in July 2021, but it’s making its rounds again following a report by Bureau d’Enquetes et d’Analyses (BEA). The French air agency which investigated the incident, released the report last Monday.

What Happened?

A male flight attendant was on board a Norwegian Air Flight when a storm hit.

According to Business Insider, “turbulence began when the plane was forced to fly through a storm previously missed by air traffic radar.”

The flight attendant was thrown from his feet, breaking an ankle in two places.

Where Was The Plane Coming From?

The flight departed Copenhagen, Denmark and was poised to land in Nice, France.

Business Insider reported, “the injured attendant — referred to only as ‘cabin crew member two’ —  told investigators that he was securing equipment at the rear of the plane when it was jolted by turbulence. While he was moving to sit down, the turbulence lifted him from his feet. “

Who Investigated The Incident And Were Others Harmed?

The Bureau d’Enquetes et d’Analyses (BEA) is the French agency responsible for investigating air incidents.

The agency reported that “injuries caused by turbulence are very rare,” with just 65 reported cases from 2012 to 2021.

“Cabin crew member two” found his foot trapped near the plane’s emergency exit “before another jolt threw him upwards.”

No one else was hurt except his female colleague (cabin crew member three), who injured her ankle.

All passengers were unharmed.

Were The Pilots Held Accountable?

The investigation found that the pilots took the best possible course of action.

Business Insider noted, “the pilots had been working with local air traffic controllers to avoid storm clouds over the Swiss-Italian Alps and had been given permission to begin their descent to the airport.”

While the pilots were starting to land the plane, storm clouds that the radar didn’t detect, appeared.

It was too late to move the aircraft around the clouds, so the pilots “told passengers to fasten their seatbelts and proceeded through the clouds.”


What Happened When The Plane Landed?

On arrival in Nice, “Cabin Crew member two,” and “Cabin Crew member three,” were taken by stretcher to the hospital.


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