Visiting a new destination for business or pleasure is typically something worth looking forward to. Unfortunately, not every trip is sunshine and butterflies. In a time when any and everything can go wrong, these travelers reflect on some of their worst vacations.

1. Stuck At O’Hare

worst vacations

Stylist and fashion influencer AK Brown and her friend Diamond experienced an ordeal when traveling to a conference to speak with a companion.

The pair had a layover at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, and what was supposed to be a short amount of time turned into an entire night spent in the terminal. 

It was the dead of winter and the airline provided no notice of what was happening behind the scenes. Thinking they would soon be headed to Philadelphia, the duo was caught off guard when they found out the plane was delayed for 12 hours due to mechanical failures on the plane. 

“The airline wasn’t offering hotels, rentals, or anything for accommodations to the point where I had to cuss everyone out,” Brown said. 

After spending the night at O’Hare, AK and Diamond made it to the conference in Philly in just enough time to speak. But their airport sleepover was something they never wanted to experience again.

2. A Fishy Situation

worst vacations

When Kita Boyce was preparing to travel to Vegas, she booked a flight through Frontier Airlines because it was a good deal. However, her nightmares became a reality when she quickly realized why her flight was so cheap.

Throughout her flight, the attendant kept trying to convince her to get an airline credit card, and the plane was very small. To make matters worse, one of the passengers brought fish to eat on the plane and filled up the cabin with an awesome stench that remained in the air the entire flight. 

3. Amtrak Trip From Hell

worst vacations

While traveling with her children by train from Atlanta to New Jersey, celebrity publicist She Robinson believed the Amtrak ride would be a relaxing experience.

Unfortunately, it proved to be the exact opposite when she discovered the cleanliness of the train was not up to par. 

Upon visiting the restroom, Robinson saw feces smeared on the walls and trash everywhere. After that first visit, she decided to wait until they arrived at their destination and even put her potty-trained children in pampers, so they didn’t have to use the train bathroom. 

Even though that train ride was over 20 years, Robinson vows to never ride a train again. 

“It showed me that long travel wasn’t ever gonna be for me,” Robinson said. “If I can’t fly, I won’t be going.”

4. From Cuba With Love

worst vacations

Millennial Shelby Buggage was traveling to Florida with a friend who’d acquired some construction job opportunities after a hurricane had devastated the Florida Keys. But when they arrived, the jobs weren’t as plentiful as they’d expected, and the pair started hitting the pavement looking for work wherever they could. 

Since they were already in Miami, they decided to catch a flight to Cuba and stayed there a week until her friend fell ill after eating lobster bisque at a restaurant. Once back in Miami, there began to be some contention over when they would return to St. Louis. 

After a heated argument, Buggage’s companion left her stranded at a hotel in Miami with no way to get back home. Although she did eventually make it back home, the experience left her shaken and with a new awareness of how important it is to have a support system.