According to a recent report titled “The Experience Economy Endures” by Deloitte, travelers going to different locations for attending events has witnessed an uptick this year. Based on a survey of approximately 3,500 Americans, the report highlights that while the most common reasons for travel have remained relatively steady, motivations related to special events and romantic getaways have seen a notable increase in 2023.

Creating Meaningful Experiences

The pandemic brought travel and major events to a standstill. Now, there is a noticeable rebound. For this generation, travel is about creating meaningful stories and experiences rather than acquiring material possessions. Concerts and other live events are the perfect way to do that.

The highly anticipated tours of music icons, like Beyoncé and Burna Boy, cause hotels in major cities to experience an astounding surge. Recognizing the escalating costs, concert-goers have started exploring the concept of developing complete vacations surrounding a live experience. They are making plans to attend their favorite artists’ concerts in different countries.

Here are some of the recent concerts and events that attracted people around the world.

Burna Boy

Photo credit: Burna Boy

In a momentous display of artistic prowess and fan devotion, Burna Boy, the Nigerian superstar, captivated a crowd of thousands at Citi Field. The venue was sold out, underscoring the artist’s tremendous popularity. Burna Boy mesmerized the audience with an amazing performance, showcasing songs from his acclaimed albums.

Love Damini, Twice As Tall, African Giant and Outside are the projects in his performance catalog. The electrifying atmosphere reached new heights when he treated fans to an exclusive preview of his upcoming music. British rapper Dave surprised the crowd to join him on stage for their collaboration, “Location.” Among the sea of attendees, notable celebrities such as SZA and Busta Rhymes were spotted.

As the first Nigerian artist to sell out Madison Square Garden and Citi Field is a testament to how far travelers are willing to come to see their artists in the best cities of the world.


Instagram / @Beyonce

Beyoncé continues to captivate audiences worldwide, effortlessly selling out stadiums and arenas at every tour stop. Most recently, she mesmerized a sold-out crowd of 60,000 fans in the enchanting city of Paris. Among the fervent attendees were numerous Americans who transformed the concert experience into a magnificent weekend getaway.

These dedicated fans immersed themselves in the vibrant charm of Paris. Seizing the opportunity to visit iconic landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, indulging in luxurious accommodations at the city’s finest hotels, and savoring the rich tapestry of the multicultural nightlife that Paris has to offer. For these ardent music enthusiasts, Beyoncé’s performance became the centerpiece of a memorable vacation. Highlighting the transformative power of live music and the alluring draw of experiencing one’s favorite artist in a remarkable setting.

The Weeknd

Photo credit: The Weeknd

As The Weeknd ignites the European leg of his highly anticipated “After Hours Til Dawn” tour, fans from around the world are embarking on exhilarating journeys to witness his electrifying performances. The London Stadium witnessed a historic moment as The Weeknd took the stage last weekend.

The artist now boasts the remarkable distinction of attracting the largest turnout ever recorded across two consecutive nights for any tour. He also commanded the largest audience for a single night of any tour to date. With 29 more stops on the horizon, the “After Hours Til Dawn” tour promises to deliver unparalleled experiences. The anticipation mounts as The Weeknd prepares to grace cities such as Brussels, Milan, Munich, and Barcelona, infusing his captivating performances into each venue.

The World Cup

Photo credit: David Ramos

A fervor of excitement and anticipation descended upon Dubai as fans from around the world embarked on a pilgrimage to witness the grand spectacle of the World Cup. The global tournament not only ignited a passion for football, but also set in motion a profound economic impact on the vibrant city.

With travelers flocking to Dubai in droves, hotels experienced a surge in bookings, leading to increased occupancy rates and boosted revenues. The influx of visitors also breathed new life into various sectors, including hospitality, retail, and entertainment. From bustling restaurants and cafes to bustling shopping malls, the city’s economy thrived as the World Cup became a catalyst for a thriving business ecosystem. As the world converged on Dubai to celebrate the pinnacle of football, the city basked in the economic benefits, showcasing its capacity to host major international events while leaving a lasting legacy in its wake.


Photo credit: Drake

Drake continues to draw devoted fans from far and wide, as they embark on journeys to witness his mesmerizing performances during his highly anticipated “It’s All A Blur” tour. While presently confined to the United States, the impact of his tour resonates beyond the concert venues.

This fervor extends well beyond American borders. As enthusiastic travelers from around the globe meticulously plan their trips to coincide with Drake’s awe-inspiring shows. As a result, the artist’s tour’s unmistakable influence reverberates within the realms of music.


Photo credit: Wizkid

This summer Wizkid is poised to wield his influence on economies across the globe. With recent chart-topping collaborations featuring acclaimed artists, like Tems and Chris Brown, Wizkid has transcended boundaries, gaining mainstream recognition, while remaining a pioneering force in the Afrobeats genre.

His concerts serve as a magnet to travelers, drawing a multi-cultural crowd that converges with Africans leading the charge. The impact of his performances reaches beyond the music realm, injecting vitality into local economies. As fans flock to witness Wizkid’s spellbinding shows, cities witness a surge in hotel prices, experiencing an uptick in bookings. Additionally, smaller cities have the opportunity to flourish as these concerts bring business and foot traffic to their vibrant locales.