For Newport News native Jasmine McKeiver, attending Coachella for the last 3 years has been a must. This year’s event will mark her 4th time heading to the festival, although she says she thinks this will be her last.

We spoke with Jasmine to get her tips on navigating the popular music event like a pro.

Travel Noire: What keeps you going back to Coachella each year?

Jasmine: What keeps me going back to Coachella is the overall location and functionality of the festival. Coachella is the most efficient and well-landscaped festival I’ve ever been to. From the real bathrooms (important!) to the mountains in the background, stepping onto the festival grounds feels like you’re in a dream, every time. 

Courtesy of @missjmickey

TN: What were some rookie mistakes you made during your first festival?

Jasmine: The biggest mistake of my rookie year in 2015, was not being hydrated. It is HOT out there and I went too hard at our house before the festival. Veteran’s Tip: Drink coconut water.

Also, bringing a scarf. There was a sandstorm back in 2016 and I didn’t bring a bandana or scarf. I was sick and had nose bleeds because of it the next day.

Courtesy of @missjmickey

TN: Give us 1-2 tips on securing a place to stay.

Jasmine: Start looking for a house in La Quinta or Indio 3-6 months in advance; the sooner the better you’ll be on pricing. Find a group of 6 or more to split costs. Airbnb and VRBO are your friends. 

TN: Give us your advice for transportation during the event.

Jasmine: There is a shuttle option, but I’ve always rented a car and drove to and from the festival. There are four huge parking lots and parking is free on festival grounds. Veteran’s Tip: The Yellow Lot has the longest, and sandiest walk from the parking lot. Don’t park there!

Courtesy of @missjmickey

TN: Once we’re inside, what do we do?

Jasmine: Once inside, figure out which stage is which and devise a timed plan to make your way to and from each stage. The Coachella stage is a walk from the Sahara Tent (another stage on the grounds). To make sure you see your favorite artist in time, just know how long of a walk it is between sets. Be sure to scope out the art installations; it’s one of my favorite parts of the festival.

TN: What is a common mistake that you see other festival-goers make?

Jasmine: One common mistake I see festival goes making is wearing sandals. Your feet are going to be screaming by the end of day one. Wear combat boots.

Not having a jacket/long sleeve shirt. It’s hot during the day but sometimes it gets close to 50 degrees at night.

Courtesy of @missjmickey

TN: Where can we follow you on social media for more tips?

Jasmine: You can find me at @missjmickey on Instagram.

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