Traveler Story: 'Wing Walking Is Beyond Anything I Have Ever Experienced Before'
Photo Credit: Brandyn Lewis

Photo Credit: Brandyn Lewis

Traveler Story: 'Wing Walking Is Beyond Anything I Have Ever Experienced Before'

Seattle , United States
Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jun 9, 2022

Brandyn Lewis is occupying a space where you don’t see many Black travelers: wing walking. The daredevil stunt is quite thrilling as you step on the plane’s wings.

“I’ve done skydiving, jumped off planes, but this is the most epic thing I’ve done,” Lewis tells Travel Noire. “Wing walking is beyond anything I have ever experienced before.”

Adventure videos on TikTok inspired Lewis. Less than three hours from Seattle, she traveled to Sequim, Washington to train at the Mason Wing Walking Academy.

“I trained for five hours,” she says. “I learned how to climb out of a two-passenger plane to the top and strapped myself in while in the air.”

Wing Walking Adventure
Photo Credit: Brandyn Lewis

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Once strapped in the plane, the pilot started acrobatic maneuvers.

Lewis says there isn’t any special training needed beforehand, but those who have skydiving, rock climbing, or hiking experience are in better shape.

The training is crucial because it’s all about muscle memory from practice once you’re up in the air.

“Once I got onto the plane, and we started the journey, it was very calming and freeing,” says Lewis. “Coming up on the water was serene. The adrenaline is going, and I didn’t even think about the heights.”

Inspiring Black Adventure Travelers

Lewis had no idea that her experience would resonate with many thrill-seekers, especially Black travelers. While she hopes wing walking is an experience everyone embarks on, she wants to see more Black adventure travelers as well.

Wing Walking Adventure
Photo Credit: Brandyn Lewis

‘I know it looks scary, but it’s worth it mentally, physically, and spiritually,” says Lewis. “This experience has given me more confidence in other things that I may be fearful of. Conquering one little fear means everything beyond that gets easier.”

You can follow more of Lewis’s adventure journey on Instagram.

If you’re interested in the same experience, visit Mason Wing Walking Academy here.

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