Most of us, regardless of how health conscious we may or may not be, have heard of Dr. Sebi. He was an herbalist and naturalist linked to names like Michael Jackson, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, and Nipsey Hussle. Dr. Sebi believed in natural healing remedies and consuming a plant-based diet to treat and prevent disease and illness. He founded Usha Village in his home country of Honduras in the early 90s as a place to heal, detoxify and learn.

Earlier this month, Maya Daniele Mckee returned from her stay in Usha Village. Together with her husband, the 32-year-old Atlanta native committed to 21 days of healing and restoration. They traveled to the northern coast of Honduras, venturing into the small town outside of La Ceiba.

“It’s pretty much in the middle of nowhere so it’s very peaceful and serene,” says Maya. “The health benefits of an alkaline vegan lifestyle inspired me to visit and stay at Usha. I wanted to improve my health overall but, more specifically, I wanted to have less asthma and anxiety attacks.”

Maya Daniele Mckee

In addition to remedying her health issues, Maya sought a break from her day-to-day life. As a digital creator and the head of digital content for Matte Collection, her days can get extremely busy.

“I’m a working stay-at-home mom and traveling with my babies every other week can be overwhelming at times. Even saying that sounds crazy. I desperately needed a spiritual and mental reset.”

With its serene and secluded natural environment and geothermal hot springs, Dr. Sebi’s Usha Village allows ample opportunities for the ultimate in relaxation. It is an ideal place to detoxify and recharge.

Maya Daniele Mckee


“It was actually quite reminiscent of my childhood and the summers we would spend traveling across the country camping. It’s been a while since I’ve lived with friendly creatures but I’m a huge outdoors girl so it was refreshing to tap in and become one with nature.”

While staying in the Village, Maya had no set schedule to follow, however, on the second day, she had a consultation in which she was provided with a list of the minerals she would be taking during her stay. Afterward, she was given a tour of the property and jumped right into her healing journey.

Despite the ample relaxation and lack of a formal schedule, Maya points out that there is a good amount of work involved in the detox. Each day, she and her husband were given 16 minerals in capsule form and around six minerals in liquid form to take. Since the liquid minerals had a very bitter taste, they would chase them with fresh fruit that they’d picked themselves from trees around the village.

Maya Daniele Mckee


“We also had to steam in the sauna for 15 minutes twice a day and soak in the thermal pool for 15 minutes twice a day. The steam from the sauna comes from the hot spring on the property so the temperature varies from day to day. You can’t stay in longer than five minutes at a time though or you’ll pass out, so we would do five-minute intervals.”

“The thermal pool is a little easier because the scenery around you is magical! While soaking I’d just gaze into the mountain line and listen to the birds and wind sing. Don’t get me wrong–it’s hot. But you’re surrounded by so much beauty it makes that part of your workload a bit easier.”

Maya says Zumba classes are also offered at the Village twice a week, however, there is no set schedule for when they take place. In the end, she was happy and proud to have stuck with her commitment to 21 days of healing.

Maya Daniele Mckee

Left feeling brand new

“I felt amazing after the 21 days! I’m a little sad that I didn’t take my babies so I could stay longer. But as we were leaving I felt so strong and for the first time in forever, I felt the feeling of peace.”

Maya plans to continue some of the healthy practices she adopted in Usha Village, such as steaming in the sauna in the mornings and after workouts. But, most importantly, since completing her detox, she has embraced a lifestyle in which she is intentional in her food choices and makes sure to feed herself and her family foods that heal their bodies rather than those that destroy them.

“Nobody wants to hear that the foods they are eating are creating diseases in their bodies. The information is everywhere but you have to be committed and dedicated to making a major lifestyle change.”

Maya Daniele Mckee

The Africa move

As of last week, Maya and her husband have become homeowners in Ghana. She and her family will now be living between the US and Africa, where they’ll have access to more fresh, organic foods.

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