From engagements and weddings to honeymoons and bucket-list experiences, Disney is known to add that extra pazazz to some of life’s magical moments for couples at its resorts and theme parks. 

But for one couple, it appears that Tinker Bell’s pixie dust made its way to Peru, where Bonny D. and Anthony Phifer experienced a trip of a lifetime with Adventures by Disney. 

“The entire experience left us in awe,” Bonny tells Travel Noire. “We left Peru thinking we want to book all of our trips with Adventures by Disney.”

We know what you’re thinking; it’s hard to keep up with all that Disney does. Because who else knew that you could book a bucket-list trip through them? 

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For those of you who knew, sorry, but the cat is out of the bag, and we’re not keeping the experience a secret any longer. 

Adventures by Disney started in 2005 and is another way for families to explore the magic of the world through guided itineraries. 

There are currently more than 40 destinations across seven continents that are fit for families and solo travelers. Want a private experience? Well, Adventures by Disney can accommodate that, too.

Bonny and Anthony’s experience will have you booking an experience ASAP (if not sooner). Here’s why the couple gives what they call a “hassle-free experience” a 10 out of 10 rating.

Culturally Immersive with an Emphasis on Supporting the Local Economy

Adventures by Disney
Photo Credit: Steven Diaz

Anthony: “We had the chance to tour popular places in Lima and Cusco, but we also interacted with places that you don’t always hear about like the Traditional Textile Center of Cusco or white water rafting along the Urubamba River.”

“One thing that sticks out about our experience is how culturally immersive the activities were. A majority of our itinerary also allowed us to support the local economy.”

Did We Say Hassle-Free?

Machu Picchu Peru
Photo Credit: Bonny D. & Anthony Phifer

Bonny: “With our crazy work schedules and my PH.D. program schedule, I love how we didn’t have to plan any of this ourselves. The number of activities the staff planned for us and the details they put into the trip were amazing. I would have been overwhelmed trying to plan a scenic train ride to Machu Picchu or the Moray Ruins on my own.

“Hassle-free travel reached beyond the activities.  The travel guides thought about the intricate details before and during our entire trip.  One thing that comes to mind is the altitude.  Peru is higher in elevation and if you’re not used to it, it’s hard to acclimate. The guides aren’t medical professionals, of course, but they always had a contingency plan in place for every little thing. We literally would ask a question and no matter how big or small, the guides had an answer.”

Addressed Insecurities and Concerns

Adventures by Disney
Photo Credit: Steven Diaz

Anthony: “One of my initial concerns going into the trip was perception. I didn’t know how Peruvians would perceive outsiders, especially American tourists. I didn’t want to go into a country and make people feel like I didn’t take their culture, landmarks, and customs serious.  I really wanted to minimalize the effect as a tourist. I think the travel guides did a really great job of helping to mitigate because some of the guides are locals who are embedded in the community.  When you have people who are from these communities taking you through this journey, it felt as though everything was intentional to learning about Peruvian and Incan culture.”

Didn’t Feel Childish or Gimmicky

Adventures by Disney Lima, Peru
Photo Credit: Bonny D. & Anthony Phifer

Bonny: “Adventures by Disney proved us wrong thinking that we had to be with children or a larger family to enjoy the experience.  It’s actually quite opposite. Of course, the experience is kid-friendly, but if you’re traveling with friends or as a couple, like us, then there’s plenty of adult things on the itinerary, including a cooking class and wine tastings.

“We also thought the activities would be surface-level since Disney is such a big name.  You can tell the people behind building the itinerary really invested their time in the community to provide an authentic experience.”

Trip Checked Off Every ‘Must-Do’ Box

Adventures by Disney Lima, Peru
Photo Credit: Bonny D. & Anthony Phifer

Anthony: “We crossed everything off our to-do list in Peru, including activities we didn’t think about.  Visiting Machu Picchu was a must, of course, and also visiting the Stones of Sacsayhuaman.  Some activities we didn’t think about before the trip was learning about the salt pans of Maras, where we learned about the importance of the salt mining industry. Another experience worth highlighting is the Andean feast we enjoyed.”

The Disney Difference

Adventures by Disney
Photo Credit: Steven Diaz

Adventure guides make sure to follow a philosophy they call the “Disney Difference.” It’s a concept of going out of their way for travelers in ways many have never experienced before.

“When you book with Adventures by Disney, you’re going to get hassle-free travel,” Adventure Guide Armando Acevedo, tells Travel Noire.

“I’ve had people tell me, ‘We booked the trip because we had a busy summer with the kids. We didn’t even prepare for the trip. We just packed a suitcase and knew you guys would take care of the rest.’ That’s exactly what we love to do here.  You just arrive and we do everything else.”