Travel Noire has always been about showcasing black travelers that inspire others to see more of the world. Brian, a travel photographer from Toronto, shares how redirected his life to make traveling a priority and a career.

Travel Noire: When did traveling become more than a hobby for you?

Brian: Shortly after I turned 26, I began to long for so much more in life. I felt like I was only going to get that by doing something I hadn’t done before; traveling to a new continent. Little did I know, I had a gift for planning & photography and an audience on Instagram that was curious to learn the ins and outs of travel. That’s when I realized I should really be taking traveling a bit more seriously!

Travel Noire: What are your top three travel secrets that black travelers should know?

Secret #1: Flying for miles on end doesn’t get you free flights. Strategically opening up credit cards do though.

Secret #2: When searching flights, be creative with your starting and ending airports to get the best deals. You could save hundreds of dollars.

Secret #3: Invest in a good travel credit card and know the insurance coverage that comes with it. I’ve been able to recover over $3000 for trip disturbances that were out of my control.

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Travel Noire: What has been your most inspiring travel moment?

I experienced this moment when I encountered some local Black village women in Fiji. They recognized that they were Fijians from an African descent! They pronounced their bloodline with so much conviction! I felt overwhelmed in that moment; just knowing that they still knew their history when the rest of the world had forgotten/hidden it.

Travel Noire: What advice do you have for black travelers traveling abroad?

Brian: Download Google offline maps. It’s a lifesaver! It will allow you to keep track of where you are at all times. You can even help direct taxi drivers from point A to B if they’re struggling to find your destination.


Travel Noire: Where are you off to next?

Brian: I haven’t quite figured out my 2018 plans yet. I’ve been to about 60 countries and I still feel like I haven’t seen much. Just make sure to follow me on Instagram @whereintheworldisb to find out where I’m off to next!

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