In honor of Black History Month, Travel Noire is teaming up with Pinterest to curate a special Black travel board. Launching on Feb. 6, the “Safe Black Travel Hub” will feature destination inspiration, safety tips, travel necessities, and more. Each idea pin on the Pinterest board will cover one of the four pillars of traveling: discover, positivity, plan, and shop. 


Traveling is all about trying new things, visiting new places, and embracing different cultures. Under this pillar, users will be able to pin content that inspires them to visit places, like Paris, Cape Town, Brazil, and more. 

They also will have the opportunity to learn about all of the amazing benefits to traveling, such as self-care and expanding their personal viewpoints.


Vacations are meant to create great memories that will last a lifetime. The positivity pillar will expose users to how they can have the best possible experience during their travel time. From Black luxury to finding the Black community abroad, this pillar will encourage everyone to get the most out of their time away. 


The first step to every exciting and fun trip is planning. Under this pillar, users will find content about budget-friendly travel experiences, credit card vacation points usage, the best destinations for Black travelers, and more. 


There is nothing worse than packing a suitcase and feeling like there is something missing. Under this pillar, users will be able to find suitcase essentials, items to pack, and Black-owned brands to shop from.

In addition, there will be beauty tips and tricks for maintaining hairstyles, makeup looks, and more. 

Where Can You View The Travel Noire and Pinterest Collaboration?

Visit the Travel Noire Pinterest page to view the full collaboration.