Looking for some perfect travel manicure essentials? Travel Noire’s got you covered!

You’re getting ready to go on vacation, but your nails are looking tragic. Like, completely unacceptable. Your favorite manicurist has no openings in her schedule, and since you don’t trust anybody else, you decide to do your own nails.

Not sure what to buy? Travel Noire has you covered. Here are five must-have products for a give yourself a fresh travel manicure.

Cutex ‘Swipe And Go’ Nail Polish Remover Pads

Remember when you pressed a cotton ball against the opening of a nail polish remover bottle and hoped the contents wouldn’t spill on you? And, of course, they did anyway? Fun times.

The Cutex “Swipe and Go” Nail Polish Remover Pads are a much cleaner and more efficient option, and are absolutely essential if you’re looking to have a travel manicure. The box has ten, individually wrapped pads, dunked in acetone and they’ve earned a 5-star rating on Amazon.

One user wrote, “first of all, I love that these remover pads are acetone. Most of the polishes these days, especially the gel ones that last a long time, will not come off with non-acetone polish remover. Or, if it does, it takes forever. These pads removed all my polish in less than a minute, quickly and efficiently.”

Moreover, one pad can effectively remove polish from all ten fingernails (and even toenails).

Nail File And Buffer Set

The professional grade Nail File And Buffer Set is part of the “Amazon’s Choice” list. They are suitable for the nails on your hands and feet, and can work on natural, acrylic and false nails.

One Amazon user wrote: “it’s exactly what I wanted,” Another woman wrote, “this pack is very good. Most nail kits you buy come with a nail file and buffer, but personally the quality is always dull compared to a pack like this. The file has very good grit and lasts a long time. The buffer does a good polishing job as well.”

Both the nail files and the buffers can last months with infrequent use.

Electric Nail Drill

If the traditional nail file and buffer doesn’t do it, invest in the Electric Nail Drill from DANNARY. It has a sleek, compact design that makes it easy to throw in your purse or suitcase. It’s rechargeable and operates with low noise and low heat. Amazon explains, “the variable speed is 5000-20000RPM. It is designed with forward and reverse rotation direction, which makes nail care easier.”

One first-time user expressed their enthusiasm by saying, “I recently started doing my own nails at home and decided to buy a nail drill. I was skeptical at first since I was new to using a drill but I have to say this drill is absolutely AMAZING!! It’s easy to use and extremely comfortable to hold. Feels very high quality and comes with lots of attachments and file heads. It also keeps a charge for a long time which is important when doing your nails. I love that it has 3 power settings!! I will definitely be referring this drill to anyone that wants to do their nails at home! Best Drill, You will LOVE it!!”

Nail Clipper Set- Large And Small

Is there anything more annoying — not to mention painful — than a hangnail or a detached nail that refuses to break off? This Nail Clipper Set includes a large and small clipper. Amazon emphasizes the effectiveness of the ultra sharp blades by saying, “the sharpest and hand polished cutting edge, sharp stainless steel blade can cut thick nails smoothly and easily, no jagged nail edges.”

If you don’t purchase it for yourself, consider buying them for your nail enthusiast friend. It’s always good to have in the travel pouch.

Abitzon Nail Polish Set

Last, but not least, treat yourself to the Abitzon Nail Polish Set, which is both non-toxic and eco-friendly. Amazon mentions, “the unique formula makes it quickly dry in about 60 seconds without lamp baking.”

Colors include greens, blues, pinks, purple and even a yellow. One user wrote, “for the first time in my 45+ years I have found a polish to STAY on my natural nails! Today makes THREE days and it is still holding strong on my short, thin nails and my toes.”

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