POV: you’re at breakfast, order an omelette and fruit and when the bill comes, you see it’s $150. That’s what happened to travel influencer Tania Loves on her recent trip to Tulum

Tania took toTik Tok with a video of the meal, explaining that although her budget was $50, but she ended up spending $150 on a breakfast she thought was 150 pesos. 

“I’ve been here for quite some time since 2020, and my experience has been whether I’m entering a boutique or a local restaurant, all the prices are always in pesos,” explained Tania. 

She went on to say, “…But when we got inside this place, the menu wasn’t uploading and they didn’t have a physical copy. They pretty much described the breakfast to us, and we’re like ‘oh it’ll be fruit and an omelette.’”

Drinks were not included in the breakfast, so Tania had to pay for those separately. She thought that since breakfast was only 150 pesos, coffee would most likely be another 55 pesos. That is, until her friend asked, “It’s pesos right, not US?”

After going back and forth with the chef, the chef went to the owners and managers about people complaining. Tania said, “So I guess we weren’t the only ones to experience this. So for me, it was the lack of transparency, I feel like if you know what the price will be, just announce it, and then let people make informed decisions.”

She did share that the service was amazing, despite the price point. “I don’t mind paying but the value I’m getting has to be worth it…not eggs and fruit.”

So next time you’re traveling, be sure to verify the price because those eggs and fruit just may be more costly than you think. 

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