International travel can be stressful. There are so many rules and regulations to consider, on top of the extra requirements necessary to get where you’re going. Depending on where you’re headed, you may need a little something extra on your passport.

A visa is an endorsement on a passport that allows one person to travel from one country to another. It’s small but it has a lot of value and traveling without one could make or break your trip. Thankfully, using a site called Visalist, travelers are able to review up to date visa requirements for the country they’re headed to. Listing over 238 countries, the website sets up a map using color codes of all the places you can travel and what you need to enter the country.  Use filters like visa-free, visa on arrival, e-visa, visa required, and visa refused and location. Users can learn specific requirements by clicking on the map.

Photo courtesy of Visalist


The key guide underneath the map helps users to break down what they are looking for. The color red depicts countries where a visa will be rejected and yellow means this country requires a visa. Teal represents regions that need a visa upon arrival and blue is for countries that require an e-visa, or electronic visas.

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Photo courtesy of Visalist

This cool platform gives you other relevant information that you will need to survive in other countries, like the currency you will need to use or if you can find an ATM. Visalist also tells travelers what type of electronic outlets to use and what side of the road your Uber driver will be driving on. Generously enough, you can find hotels and flights. Users say that the site is super useful in helping you find your way and what you need when you get there.