Winter is coming. While there might not be any white walkers accompanying the cold, the chillier months can slow down travel. For those with wanderlust, less travel can seem like a seasonal depression recipe for disaster. 

As the seasons change, avid travelers can still get their dose of travel from the comfort of their own homes. In addition to watching online travel content and plugging into VR to see the world, classic board games are a great way to keep your inner travel bug happy. The next time you get an itch to travel but don’t have a trip planned, check out these travel games that take you around the world from your living room.

Monopoly Huntington Beach Edition

close up of Monopoly board
Photo credit: Suzy Hazelwood

For a quick getaway to the West Coast, grab Monopoly’s new Huntington Beach edition. Monopoly has a plethora of destination-based versions of the classic game, including its Travel World Tour series. Huntington Beach is the newest to join the franchise. Instead of buying land through Atlantic City, players make their way through landmarks, cultural sites, and businesses throughout Huntington Beach. There are customized Community Chest and Chance cards with a fresh twist that teleport players from their homes straight to southeast Los Angeles. 

Gentlemen’s Hardware Road Trip Trivia

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Photo credit: Nika Benedictova

What’s nice about the Road Trip Trivia game is that it is perfect for both home and car play. It’s essential for family road trips. However, playing this game at home takes you beyond the walls of your house and onto the highways of America. The game contains 100 cards with trivia questions about some of North America’s most popular roadside attractions and landmarks. You can test your knowledge of national parks, the historic Route 66, and oddities encountered on the country’s back roads. This game is perfect for children and adults and will keep you sharp before heading on your next road trip adventure. 

Ticket To Ride

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Photo credit: cottonbro studio

You don’t have to book an Amtrak ticket to explore America’s railroads. Ticket To Ride was released in 2004. The game has grown in popularity as players lay tracks across the board to link America’s railway system. Whoever lays the longest track wins the game. Ticket To Ride takes players all over the country laying tracks. However, the game now features destinations outside of the US including Germany, Japan, Europe, and more. 

Flags Around The World

man drawing flags on ground
Photo credit: Darya Sannikova

While Gentlemen’s Hardware focuses on American road trip trivia, Flags Around The World tests your knowledge of cultures worldwide. Players can learn about flag identification, international cultures, and geography in this fun and interesting trivia game. One traveler described the game as “geography jeopardy.” This game is perfect for playing with friends and family or for self-play while you wait for your next vacation. 

Passport To Culture

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Passport To Culture is hands down the most extensive game on this list. It includes 370 question cards, 30 culture cards, 60 passport stamps, and an array of other pieces. The objective is to get as many stamps on your passport as possible. You and five other players compete head to head, jetting across the world collecting stamps. This game can accommodate up to 6 players and is a great way to strengthen your knowledge of international travel.