New Travel App 'Elude' Matches Travelers With Trips That Fit Their Budget
Photo Credit: Nappy

Photo Credit: Nappy

New Travel App 'Elude' Matches Travelers With Trips That Fit Their Budget

Ayah A.
Ayah A. Aug 23, 2021

A new travel app, Elude, is making it easier to search for destinations according to your budget. The app is the first of its kind, according to Business Wire, geared towards helping travelers discover new and exciting destinations that they can afford.

While the app offers personally curated itineraries based on travelers’ interests and preferences, the main feature setting Elude apart from other travel booking platforms is its ‘budget-first search engine’. Users can input their max budget to view hotels and flights worldwide leaving from their home airport, all within their desired price range.

“Shopping for travel is broken,” said Elude Co-Founder and CEO, Alex Simon, “and we are modernizing an archaic system by supercharging the way people plan their vacations. People deserve to feel emboldened to explore, and we want our users to have access to the transformative power of travel more often.”

Simon, along with Frankie Scerbo, Co-Founder and Chief of Marketing/Creative, created the app based upon their personal experiences with seeking out travel destinations during college. Both avid travelers, they found that as students, they encountered a great deal of difficulty finding affordable trips that fit their budget.

“Our users are craving to explore the world differently,” Scerbo said. “Instead of planning trips to landmark locations, our users are searching for quiet treasures that offer refuge from the hustle of city life. We’re thrilled to lead the industry into its next chapter, rebuilding an ecosystem of adventurers that was disjointed during the pandemic.”

Elude aims to serve as a practical solution to make the lives of travelers easier and enable affordable, spontaneous travel. Having raised over $2.1 million in funding, it is apparent that these are sentiments others also believe in and support.

The Elude travel app is now available for download from the Apple app store. For more information about the app, visit

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