Tourists Arrested In Magaluf After Beating Up Taxi Driver
Photo Credit: Rodolfo Clix

Photo Credit: Rodolfo Clix

Tourists Arrested In Magaluf After Beating Up Taxi Driver

Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Aug 24, 2022

In recent travel news, two tourists were arrested in Magaluf after beating up a taxi driver. The incident happened in the middle of a busy street in Magaluf, Majorca.

The violent attack happened in the early hours of Tuesday morning on the Avenida Magaluf. According to the Mirror’s reports, the incident began when the tourists mounted the taxi. Jumping on the bonnet of the vehicle, they obstructed the driver’s passage. Afterward, the driver got out of his vehicle and told them to get off the bonnet.

When the 57-year-old driver got out of the car, frustrated by their behavior, the confrontation began. Footage shows the tourists kicking and punching the taxi driver.

The footage:

The graphic footage shows the tourists beating up the taxi driver in the middle of the busy street while those around watch horrified. A passerby shouts “Call the f****** police!” as the tourists continue to beat the taxi driver.

Only once realizing they were being filmed did the tourists stop beating the man. They then fled the scene, leaving the taxi driver unconscious. One of the tourists could be seen walking away from the scene with a bloodied fist.

The 21 and 22-year-old British suspects have since been arrested on charges of causing serious injury.

Extreme Violence:

Following the incident, the taxi driver was taken to a nearby hospital. Calvia town hall reports that the taxi driver is now back home after spending several hours at Son Espases Hospital.

Immediately after the violence that shook all who witnessed it, taxi drivers refused to operate in the area. As a form of protest and a call to attention for their safety, they temporarily stopped their services. In fact, one driver told Majorca Daily that a female colleague in her sixties was pushed by a violent client and knocked to the ground. It seems these acts of aggression have become normalized in the popular tourist region.

Some drivers said in a statement: “It’s still early, but we are thinking about what we should do. We cannot continue like this. If there were more officers, we would feel somewhat safer. That’s obvious”.

Beyond the planned protests, the local authorities have recently introduced a number of new laws, including bans on pub crawls, happy hours, and unlimited drinks at all-inclusive hotels.

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