There is so much to consider when booking accommodations for your next trip. While some people have their processes and preferences down to an absolute, with negotiables and non-negotiables clearly in mind; others struggle a bit. We’ve got you! From non-refundable Airbnbs to payment methods, here are the top mistakes to avoid when booking accommodation for your next adventure.

Organise reviews from most recent

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Reviews are key in understanding what other travelers thought of the accommodation. Sometimes the reviews share the real-life version of the Airbnb or hotel to help you avoid any nightmare situations

The trick is organizing the reviews so that you’re able to view the most recent ones first. Seeing a review from years back, potentially post COVID-19 simply isn’t useful.

Booking a non-refundable room


This one many can relate to. Being able to enjoy flexibility when on vacation is a huge must. Imagine arriving at an accommodation you’ve booked and absolutely hating it. Committing to a space that isn’t what you expected doesn’t make sense and there are some things that pictures can’t capture, like the smell of mold or a very sketchy, long walk to the main center. Enter, refundable room check.

When booking accommodation, always be sure that there is an option to cancel without having to pay for what would’ve been an entire stay. If there is no option for a refund, that is enough of a red flag.

Using a credit card when booking accommodation

This is a tip for those looking to win when booking accommodation and also hoping to build credit along the way.  Paying certain types of accommodations with a credit card is definitely worth the hype. Gaining points and rewards all while avoiding some of the additional fees that are sometimes added with debit cards (such as cover for a potential overdraft) makes it a win-win.

Filter to solo travel reviews

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Solo-travelers  this one is for you. A common mistake is reviewing what group travelers or couples have to say about your chosen  accommodation without checking in on what your fellow solo travelers experienced. On  you’re able to filter your reviews to see what the solo travelers thought of an accommodation. How safe they felt in the area while traveling alone, how worth it they found it to be – all of this and more will be at your disposal.

Booking Before Comparing

It’s easy to get excited when planning your next vacation, we get you. Sometimes it is all too easy to click confirm on that accommodation or cute Airbnb with the plants that make you feel like you’ve moved abroad. The worst thing you can do if you’re hoping to save money is book without actually comparing. Using sites such as Trivago or Kayak will help you to clearly find the best deal.

Sometimes, there is such a thing as being too prepared when it comes to impulsively booking your accommodation.

Don't be afraid to contact the accommodation/host

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Don’t ask, don’t get, right? We recommend reaching out to the host or the hotel to find out any extra details. Check-in time look too late? Drop them a message. Reluctant to book because of lingering doubt? Ask them to send further pics or information to clear things up. Thinking of staying long-term and wandering if you could arrange a fixed price? Send that email introducing yourself to check. There are so many nuances to travel that can’t always be found on the FAQs page, being bold enough to ask will get you further than you think.