In New York, picking up a bagel before a busy day is a daily ritual for some. The portability of bagels has led to them becoming a popular part of the fast-paced city life. There are so many bagel shop options in the city that travelers may be overwhelmed by all the choices. However, NYC locals and recurring visitors know that some of the best restaurants are underrated or lowkey. After fishing through all the hype, here are the top bagel shops in NYC that travelers can try during their visit.  

Top Rated Bagel Shops in NYC

These bagel shops are some of the most popular spots to pick up a quick bagel in NYC. Pictured: a traditional bagel fresh out the oven
Photo credit: Ryan DaRin

Bagels are basically a signature food in New York City. With so many variations and flavors, bagels have jumped to the forefront of the breakfast food category in the city. Some shops have even created bagels that are a whole dinner. Check out some of the top bagel shops in NYC and what types of bagels they offer.  

Absolute Bagels

Absolute Bagels is a shop in the Upper West Side. The bagels there are a bit larger than normal, so customers with a substantial appetite will appreciate the offerings there. Unlike some grab-n-go spots, they actually have seating in the store. Some fan favorites are the everything bagel and bagels with their flavored cream cheeses (like blueberry, sun-dried tomato, etc.).

Bo’s Bagels

Bo’s Bagels has a shop in Harlem. They offer traditionally made bagels with 24-hour fermentation, so there is a crunchy outside and soft interior. The shop offers classic spreads but also other toppings like egg, sausage, bacon, and cheese. Their cream cheese flavors like tofu scallion and berry almond are a hit. 

H&H Bagels

This bagel shop has a location in New York’s Upper West Side. H&H Bagels offers over 20 varieties of bagels, all of which are served fresh. There are 15 different spreads to choose from, so travelers will not be at a loss for options. Bagel deli sandwiches are popular but some customers prefer to eat their bagel plain since they are so good. Some popular spreads include the scallion, veggie, bacon, and apple butter options. 

Bagel Pub 

Bagel Pub is a small chain in Brooklyn that has massive bagels. They offer breakfast sandwiches that are highly sought after. Some popular breakfast variations include hash browns, bacon, and eggs. The shop has traditional spreads but also has popular options like the ABC which has avocado, bacon, and cheddar cheese.  

Murray’s Bagels

Murray’s Bagels is a Greenwich Village shop. This family shop has fresh bagels and many unique toppings. The creative cream cheese spreads are very popular. These include strawberry, maple raisin walnut, and garlic and sun-dried tomato. The shop also offers breakfast sandwiches and omelets on their bagels.


Sadelle’s is a part-Jewish-owned shop in SOHO. This shop offers slightly smaller bagels but the ambiance is quite nice. It offers a higher-end ambiance, so some offerings may be pricier than other traditional bagel shops. The shop offers boiled and baked bagels that come in a variety of flavors. Some popular choices are the traditional salt and pepper and everything bagel. Sadelle’s has dine-in and take-out options.


Zabar’s is a Ukrainian-owned shop on the Upper West Side. It is a family-owned business that began in 1934. The store has savory and sweet offerings, which have been very popular and kept the store open for so long. One of its most popular options is the malt barley flour bagels. 

Bagel Oasis

Bagel Oasis is a popular option, especially due to its convenience. It is open 24/7 every day. This has made it a top bagel shop in the city that never sleeps. It has a shop in Queens and has been making bagels since 1961. Their handmade and natural kettle-boiled then-baked bagels are well known in the area. They have everything bagels and flavors like egg-onion and blueberry.