More and more millennial and Gen-Z workers are finding themselves in jobs that require travel. If not the 9 to 5, folks are exiting the traditional job market. Instead, they’re working remotely and traveling while getting to the bag. Whichever journey they’re on, the age of the traveling professional is definitely here to stay. 

In an ever-changing world, it can be hard to stay on top of work and tasks. Throw traveling in the mix and things can get dicey for those working and exploring the world simultaneously. These apps will help you stay productive on the go and keep the traveling professional on top of their game as they jet-set while knocking out tasks.

Google Workspace

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When it comes to being productive on the go, Google Workspace ranks high on the list of apps for traveling professionals. A lot of company-based and personal email accounts are linked to Google. This comes in handy when travelers are moving between destinations. Your email, file drive, calendar, meeting space, and more are all compiled into one easy-to-access space.

The accessibility of Google Workspace makes it efficient and useful for those working on the go. All of the apps can be accessed through your phone. This keeps travelers from having to pull out their laptops to access important files, dates, and execute tasks while on the go.

Adobe Scan

Traveling for work may limit access to things like printers and scanners. For quickly scanning documents on the go, it’s always handy to keep Adobe Scan on your phone. A New York Times article noted that Adobe Scan was not the absolute best scanning app. However, with it being free, user-friendly, and business quality, Adobe Scans makes the list for on-the-go scanning. 


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Traveling professionals sometimes need to find a place to work remotely while out of town. If you’re in a new destination, finding a comfortable or unique workspace may be hard. Workfrom fills the gap when it comes to finding safe, accessible workspaces for remote workers. Users have added over 16 thousand workplaces. This includes cafes, bars, parks, restaurants, co-working spaces, and more. Users provide rankings on each place based on different criteria like Wi-Fi speed, outlet access, and noise levels. Workfrom is great for working remotely in destinations far from their office. 

WiFi Map

WiFi Map is an app that shows stable Wi-Fi connections all over the world. This map of free hotspots is excellent for remote workers who need reliable wifi while moving around. The app displays hotspots in over 200 countries including the US, Albania, Portugal, and Singapore. WiFi Map allows travelers to remain safe virtually while accessing wireless internet and VPNs from almost anywhere. 


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For those commuting by car, Autio is an alternative to music and podcasts while driving. When long drives between destinations get dull, Autio fills the time with eloquent short stories to listen to about destinations you’re driving through. Each story is narrated by critically acclaimed voices like Kevin Costner, John Lithgow, Phil Jackson and more. An audio visitor’s guide to destinations passing by, Autio keeps the story rolling forward while traveling for work in your car.