Top 20 U.S. Cannabis Destinations For Black Travelers
Photo Credit: Photo by Kindel Media

Photo Credit: Photo by Kindel Media

Top 20 U.S. Cannabis Destinations For Black Travelers

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Maggie J.
Maggie J. Feb 19, 2022

The top 20 U.S. cannabis destinations for vacationers in 2022 could easily turn into the top 200. There are now 18 states and hundreds of cities across America that have legalized the use of recreational cannabis. People can now legally buy weed with just the flash of their ID.

Step into a dispensary in any city in the U.S. and the process is generally the same. First, show your ID to security. Second, peep the menu with the available strains of flower (bud), edibles (like brownies), and concentrates (hash). Third, pick what you’d like. Last, pay for your order and leave the store.

So, now what? Many people have never even tried marijuana. Many cities won’t let you consume it in public. What do you do AFTER you get high?

Top 20 U.S. Cannabis Destinations For Black Travelers
Submitted by Maggie Jay

Small businesses have begun to pop up to answer all of these questions for you. And even more, go to a High Times festival. Sit for a 4 course, cannabis and wine paired dinner. Live entertainment included. Go to a silent, weed friendly, dance party. Snack on sandwiches named after different strains. Sesh with other tourists at a cannabis speakeasy.

You can take classes on how to make your own hash. Or, go to a simple painting or pottery class paired with weed instead of wine. Stay in a weed friendly treehouse. Or, yurt. Or, cabin by the sea. Book a hotel and order room service. There are so many things to do when you visit a cannabis- friendly city.

Also, before you visit, check the local laws. Each county has different rules on cannabis consumption and the amount you can possess. Driving under the influence of cannabis is never tolerated. Know before you go to one of these top 20 U.S. cannabis destinations for Black travelers.

The options are almost endless when it comes to planning a 420 centric vacation. These are just a small handful of the options in these cities, let alone the entire world! More to come on cannabis tourism soon.

1. Denver, Colorado

First, and probably the most weed friendly city in the United States: Denver, Colorado. There are so many things to do here. The most unique one is the International Church of Cannabis. Visit the church and partake in the ‘sacrament of cannabis’. Be sure to sign up ahead of time.

2. Breckenridge, CO

While you’re in Colorado, be sure to spend a couple of days in Breckenridge. Breckenridge is known for being a weed friendly ski resort, with dispensaries right in town. Be careful though, don’t take cannabis onto the ski mountain, that’s federal land.


3. Seattle, WA

Seattle, Washington is home to the original Starbucks. Take a spin around Pike’s Market, before grabbing a coffee and a joint and heading over to the 31 year old Hemp Fest this August.


4. Fairbanks, Alaska

Visit Fairbanks, Alaska for jaw dropping views. Toke up and visit with other tourists at Good Titrations. Then, visit Chena Hot Springs (preferably at night) and look for the Northern Lights while soaking in the hot waters of the cold tundra.

Submitted by Maggie Jay.

5. Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, Arizona is a well known college party town, cannabis included. Phoenix Cannabis Awards Music Festival is in May. Expect Mike Jones, Luniz, E.N Young to grace the stage.

Top 20 U.S. Cannabis Destinations For Black Travelers
Submitted by Maggie Jay.

6. Tucson, AZ


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Visit the Harambe Cafe & Social Club in Tucson, Arizona for A Dab of Comedy nights.

7. Mendocino County, CA

Take a trip to the Emerald Triangle in Mendocino County, California. This is the home of OG Kush and the land of some of the most well- known, outdoor cannabis grows. Some of the inhabitants have been growing weed here for decades. Stay at Scotia Lodge in The Redwoods. Wake up and spend the day at Papa + Barkley Spa and get pampered with CBD and THC infused massages. Before bed, head to their consumption lounge to puff on a hand rolled cannagar.

8. Chicago, IL

Sip, vape and paint erotic art with Unladylike when you’re visiting Chicago, Illinois.


9. Hollywood, CA

Visit Hollywood, California and take a weed friendly tour. Nug Hunt takes you to visit all of the spots where the movie Friday was filmed.

10. Adelanto, CA

Submitted by Maggie Jay

Adelanto, California isn’t known for much. It’s off the water and can get pretty hot during the summers. So, why visit? It is home to the largest cannabis cup in the U.S. High Times hosts an annual cup, which is like the state fair of weed. Get your tickets early because they do sell out.

11. Washington DC

Dispensaries still are not open in Washington DC, but the cannabis events are poppin’. Puff and Paint, 420 penthouse smoke out, tours, dinners and more are on the menu in DC.


12. Portland, OR


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Portland, Oregon is the biking capital of the United States. But, it also has legal cannabis. The 3rd state to legalize recreational cannabis, Oregon isn’t short on activities. The Potlandia Experience, for example, “is a rock and roll trip around Portland, designed to give you the ultimate sightseeing tour in a very cool tour bus.”

13. Boston, MA

Boston, Massachusetts is another legal city with so much going on, it needs it’s own article. If you’re interested in getting into the cannabis industry, check out Let’s Talk W**d™ presents Black Women Owners in Cannabis! Hear from the Dank Duchess, a hash extraordinaire and best-selling author, Dasheeda Dawson.


14. Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas is already known as Sin City, so there’s not much that’s left to the imagination here. Check out NuWu Cannabis. It has a 24 hour drive through and a consumption lounge.


15. Jersey Shore, NJ

Atlantic city,new jersey,usa. 09-04-17: Atlantic City Boardwalk at sunset.

Jersey Shore’s Boardwalk Buds presents, “an entire City Block of Vendors, Live Bands, Comedy, Pro Wrestling and so much more.” Remember to gym, tan, laundry first.

16. Detroit, MI

Detroit, Michigan is another place to visit one of High Time’s Cannabis Cups. A bit smaller, yet still a fun event. Take part by sampling each growers cannabis entry.

17. Santa Fe, NM

Santa Fe, New Mexico is in the land of enchantment. New Mexico has always been pretty relaxed about enforcing it’s cannabis laws. Now that it is recreationally legal, there are a few places that will at least turn their heads the other way when guests consume cannabis. One, that is openly accepting to cannabis on its grounds is the boutique bed and breakfast, The Parador.

18. Taos, New Mexico


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Taos, New Mexico. Known to be a spiritually healing place. Cannabis flows from the hippies of the ’60s here and all around the town. While there aren’t particular cannabis- friendly activities here, consuming cannabis in Taos is a great experience. And there are several Airbnb’s that will let you toke up.


19. NYC, NY

Did you know it’s legal to consume in public in New York City? NYC’s cannabis consumption laws are the same as they are for cigarettes. So, private parks and buildings are a no. But, so many places are a yes. Spend an afternoon at George Washington Square Park and people watch while you browse the products of the rule-bending vendors around. Then, visit the first recreational dispensary, Empire Cannabis Club. Available only with a valid membership.

20. San Francisco, CA

Couple enjoying holiday in San Francisco

Haight-Ashbury is still an uber popular spot for traveling cannabis enthusiasts in San Francisco, California. Meet other stoners, or sesh alone at Moe Greens. Moe Greens has several membership levels and serves a laid back green vibe that reminding one of a super chill diner.

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