Making a trip to see Buckingham Palace any time soon? If you’re headed over to the UK to visit our brothers and sisters from across the pond, it’s important to budget wisely so you can enjoy all the sites to see without going flat broke. It’s important to plan stops in between walking tours and museums for lunch or a quick snack. Travel Noire has put together a list of the top 10 cheap eats in London.

1. Bao

If you are into Taiwanese food and tea, Bao is the perfect place for you. Most of the Taiwanese buns on the menu only costs around $4. Make sure to stop through here in the morning before going on your walking tours. 

2. Bahn Bahn


Bahn Bhan is the best place to eat Vietnamese food on a budget. The specialty of this restaurant is the Bahn knot pancakes. Also on the menu, summer rolls, pho, and noodle salad. 

3. Berber & Q Shawarma Bar

Berber & Q Shawarma Bar is quite famous for its scrumptious shawarmas. The menu has a wide variety of dishes to choose from, so make sure to add this to your itineraries when you’re backpacking through Europe. 

4. Bun House

As the name suggests, Bun House comes with a variety of buns of different sizes and fillings such as lamb, pork, chicken, fish and vegetables. The menu also includes rice pots, small dishes, tea and beer. The rave among the locals who go to Bun House is the exploding custard bao.

5. The Cheese Bar

The Cheese Bar is known for their most loved grilled cheese sandwiches called “sarnies”.

6. Roti King

Roti King offers flaky flatbread which is a Malaysian roti. These dishes are served with curries like chicken, lamb, fish, and lentil. All these dishes only cost $6.

7. Mr. Bao

Taiwanese food is hyper trendy in London, which is a reason why people are overcrowded in this place. Mr. Bao offers massive-sized buns which only cost around $4. 

8. Dishoom

Dishoom specializes in Indian food. The go-to dish in Dishoom is the fried prawn koliwada. The menu also includes Keema pau and chicken tikka rolls which only cost about $7.

9. Ciullosteria

Ciullosteria is famous for its pizzas. These pizzas come with regional toppings. The menu also has a variety of pastas to choose from.

10. Da Maria

Da Maria offers affordable and delicious food items and they specialize in pastas and pizzas. The price of pastas starts from $9 while the price of pizzas starts from $7.