World-renowned for its french cuisine, art, and a multitude of tourist attractions, Paris is one of the world’s most visited destinations. Hence, the traffic in the city of love drives the price of fine dining extremely high. Here’s a helpful list of the top ten best cheap eats in Paris to keep travelers from breaking their pockets.

Where Is a Must to Eat in Paris?

According to locals Paris — the capital of haute cuisine, hard-and-fast kitchen etiquette, and bustling bistros, the Parisian dining landscape has evolved over the years, highlighting a kaleidoscope of quality food experiences, influences, flavors, and atmospheres. On a given day, dining out in Paris today might look a little like this, check out a few ‘must-eat’ spots below.

Clover Grill is a modern French steakhouse that’s as well suited for a business lunch as for a lengthy meal among friends, Clover Grill, from award-winning chef Jean-François Piège, is an elegant spot popular among the fashion and media crowd.

La Tour d’Argent is a Seine-facing beacon of French dining, built in the 16th century and well-known in the 19th century.

Breizh Café offers the best Breton-style crêpes in Paris. The menu includes more original flavor combinations, beyond the usual egg, ham, and cheese.

How Well Can I Eat on a Budget in Paris?

Although eating on a budget in Paris may lead to giving up delicious, Michelin star, authentic meals you can still create some of the memorable dining experiences. Here are a few ways to explore great eats below.

Nosh on some delicious, cheap street food, eating on the street or on a park bench or riverside quay was mostly considered the province of tourists. The overall concept of street food has exploded in the capital.

Take advantage of less-expensive lunch menus at higher-end restaurants, this is no longer a secret! At most restaurants in Paris, even the most expensive and sought-after, lunch tends to be less costly than dinner.

Brunch, Brunch, Brunch! Luckily, there are lots of places in Paris that emphasize excellent brunch food all while providing great ambience.

1. Urfa Dürüm

Urfa Dürüm is one of the best places that offer cheap delicious food.  According to the locals, Urfa Dürüm also sells the best kebab in Paris. Most of the dishes at Urfa are about $10.

2. L'As du Fallafel

L’As du Fallafel has the best falafel in town. They serve falafels with hummus, spicy harissa, and eggplant sided with fries. And of course, the price isn’t too bad for just $7!

3. Breizh Café

Breizh Café is famous for its crepes. You can choose between sweet or savory. Just be prepared to practice patience when you get to the cafe, there will be a line of people waiting to get their hands on one.

4. Frenchie To Go

Frenchie To Go will definitely help you save some euros. They serve all the Parisian street foods and most of it priced under $8.

5. Bistrot Victoires

Bistrot Victoires offers some scrumptious French dishes just for around $10. The most popular dish among the customers is the steak-frites.

6. Chez Gladines

Chez Gladines is another very affordable dining option for travelers. Their dishes are comparatively cheap and they are known to serve large portions.

7. CheZaline

CheZaline is tiny brick and mortar but has a welcoming atmosphere. The menu offers several dishes like classic ham sandwiches, chicken pot-au-feu, and tortilla-chorizo. Prices start at $7-$8 for a gourmet sandwich while snacks cost around $4-5. 

8. Miznon

Miznon is well-known for its pita sandwiches. You can customize your pitas with the fillings of your choice. Most of the menu is under $11.

9. Trois Fois plus de Piment

Trois Fois Plus de Piment is one of the hyper trendy and budget-friendly restaurants in Paris. It is quite famous for its savory noodles and dumplings. The dishes only cost from $7-12. 

10. Café du Coin

Café du Coin opens at 8am for breakfast and closes late night at 2am. One of their daily specials is called a “pizzette” topped with tomato and mozzarella served with a glass of wine for about $5.