Group trips can be incredible experiences. Films like The Hangover and Girl’s Trip reinforce the idea that traveling is always more fun in a pack. However, everyone has heard a group trip horror story, or two, as they’ve grown in popularity. 

Whether it is poor communication, poor planning, or poor attitudes, a lot of group trips go haywire; ruining the experience for everyone involved. A good way to maintain a positive vibe while traveling in groups is to remain centered during conflict and stress. 

Yes, it sounds way easier than it is. When dealing with family and friends while traveling in groups, it can be easy to not be present and miss out on your trip. Remaining centered and grounded helps you stay in the moment, even when group trips start to get wonky. Here are a few tips for remaining centered when traveling in groups.

Stick To Your Boundaries

traveling in groups
Photo credit: Andrea Piacquadio

It can be easy to break and bend your boundaries when traveling in groups. Of course, you want to have fun and enjoy yourself. However, remaining centered during rocky moments on group trips requires you to stick to your boundaries. 

If you encounter a moment on vacation where someone is pushing you to break a boundary, stand firm on what you believe is right. You’ll feel better, in the long run, doing what’s best for you.

Be Straightforward 

When it comes to boundaries, they can only be respected if they are established and the people around you are aware they exist. Be straightforward with your travel group about what boundaries you have from the beginning of your trip. A good example is dieting. If you have certain food restrictions, let the group know at the beginning of the trip. This gives people an opportunity to gain understanding and even look out for you later in the trip if you encounter something you can’t eat. Apply this rule to any boundaries you have when traveling in groups.

Tap In With Your Wellness Practices

traveling in groups
Photo credit: cottonbro studio

Vacations are usually when many travelers fall off their wellness routine. Suddenly, the early morning jogs and evening yoga aren’t needed anymore when you’re out of town. Believe it or not, group trips are the best time to get into your wellness bag. 

If you find yourself feeling wayward or troubled while traveling, dive into your wellness routine. You can bring yoga mats, herbal teas, and books along with you when you need to break away. If you practice meditation, consider using the Balance app during downtime to recenter yourself.

Prioritize Your Alone Time

Just because you’re traveling in a group doesn’t mean you have to stay with your travel companions 24-7. In between excursions and meals, prioritize your alone time on group trips. Whether that’s taking a nap or taking a solo walk, it’s important to get some time to yourself when traveling with others.