If you’re anything like me, right about now, you’re searching for the next beach to tan in. Winter storms across the country have us questioning our whole American existence during December and January. Places like the Caribbean and Mexico are calling out for us in our sleep. We want 90-degree weather, and we want it now. But before we book that Frontier flight to Cancun with nothing but a Dopp kit and our laptop bags, let’s make sure we got the suitable swimming trunks for weekend getaways. The best way to get a fabulous pair of the latest swimming trunks without having to dip out into the cold is to order them from Amazon. Check out our list of the best swimming trunks on the market.


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The Nautica brand has been around since the ’80s. Inspired by life at sea and everyday styles from across the world, it has become a trusted brand in fashion for more than 30 years. So when it comes to swimming trunks, Amazon wouldn’t leave Nautica behind on their distribution list. Nautica’s swimming trunks come in a simple design, white stitching, and various colors. There are pockets on each side with a striped drawstring to hold your shorts at the waist. Nautica’s signature logo sits on the bottom-front-right corner. These shorts are quick-drying and made from 100% nylon. You can wear these with a matching polo or T-shirt after the beach or the pool.

Under Armour

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Considered one of the top youngest athletic brands, Under Armour has surpassed expectations with its apparel. Initially known for its workout shirts that keep us cool during the warm months and keep us warm during the cold months, UA has always been known for being innovative. Since 1996, the UA brand has managed to climb in notoriety as well as value. Their swim trunks also provide the same genius and durability as most of their products. Their boxer brief-style lining separates their swim trunks from most others on the market. This creates comfort for swimming and just walking around after a light exercise in the water.


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The brand worn by Olympians, Speedo, has been in the swimwear line business for decades. Since 1928, their swimwear line has been worn by more Gold medalists than any other swimwear brand. So whether you’re training, competing, or swimming for fun, Speedo has a look for you. The Speedo Jammer fits like a pair of biker shorts, made for those who swim professionally, but you can also enjoy a couple of these while doing activities in the water or at the beach. The Jammer is made from a fabric called Power Flex ECO, which is 100% nylon waste woven from recycled products. They come in various colors and patterns, and the fit creates better mobility for swimming in sports.

Third Wave

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This Amazon brand features a pocket in the lining of the shorts. Instead of the old-school mesh lining you’re used to seeing in older swimming trunks, these have compression boxer briefs attached. Third Wave shorts come in various cool colors, and your stuff won’t budge out of your pocket while swimming or playing volleyball on the beach.


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For the guys that want to show off a little more leg than usual, Amazon’s TYR is the perfect training short for you—considered stylish for today’s man, but also valid for those who take their swim training seriously. These TYR swim trunks are known to create drag in the water. However, they are making it one of the more efficient swim trunks for those who plan to swim professionally or competitively among their friends.



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