This Black-Owned Travel Agency Helps Black Women To Travel Overseas
Photo Credit: Angel Taylor Courtesy

Photo Credit: Angel Taylor Courtesy

This Black-Owned Travel Agency Helps Black Women To Travel Overseas

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Brunno Braga
Brunno Braga Feb 1, 2022

Queens of Travel Group is a Dallas-based Black-owned travel agency created to provide helpful resources to increase the number of Black women to travel overseas. Founded in 2018 by Angel Taylor, 35, the company puts together and host full itinerary vacations.

“I went on my first international vacation to Jamaica by myself with a travel Group at the age of 18. Traveling is how I have come to appreciate the world’s beauty and everything within. It is about breaking barriers, witnessing different cultures,” she told Travel Noire.

Taylor said that she was inspired to launch her company because of the significant amount of people who miss out on traveling due to not having anyone to travel with. “Also, I wanted to share resources with my community to educate them on traveling internationally,”.

She revealed that Queens of Travel Group has led trips to countries like Jamaica, Dubai, Thailand, Tanzania and Mexico, and served over 5,000 travelers, offering luxury 5-star travel experiences at affordable prices, a knowledgeable travel host and a balance of adventure and relaxation. “Queen of Travel Group is a sisterhood where like-minded women come together to travel the world together.”

Through her company that helps Black women to travel overseas, Taylor said that she is proud to see the increased volume of people who travel now in the Black community. “I’ve helped several members in my community get a passport and take their first international vacation. Very proud moment because where I come from few people have their passports. I love exposing people to a different world and all it has to offer.”

According to her, Queen of Travel Group helped to issue over 50 secure passports, curating vacation experiences to over 500 clients in 2021 during a pandemic, traveling to Zanzibar.

“What I like most about my experience as a Black woman entrepreneur is the ability to be creative and adaptable and see us dominating the travel industry with our innovative, trendsetting ideas. I like I can go to a travel conference now and see people who look like me and we can relate to each other.”

For the future, Taylor says that she plans are to create a non-profit travel company to help underprivileged African American teens with scholarships to study abroad. “I want Queens of Travel Group to become a worldwide known travel agency,” she concluded.

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