Things To See & Do In Copenhagen
Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of ELEVATE.

Photo Credit: Photo Courtesy of ELEVATE.

Things To See & Do In Copenhagen

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Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby Oct 27, 2022

If you talk to most millennial and Gen-Z travelers, Copenhagen, Denmark probably isn’t at the top of their travel bucket list. However, Copenhagen has a ton of incredible attractions, national landmarks, and historic streets worth visiting. Full of ancient, royal palaces, flowing canals, and amusement parks, Copenhagen has a charming, welcoming energy year-round. 

Another European country with a rich history and subtle gracefulness, Copenhagen is worth the visit. Here are a few things to see and do in the Danish city the next time you’re in Denmark.

Tivoli Garden


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Best known for its wooden rollercoaster, Tivoli Gardens is the third oldest amusement park in the world. The park attracts millions of visitors each year and is a popular attraction in Copenhagen. This is definitely a family fun place with rides, fare, and entertainment for all ages. Rides like The Camel Trail, The Demon, and the Milky Way Express draw families and tourists during the busy season but you can visit Tivoli without checking out its gardens. It is also home to the Pantomime Theatre. If you plan on visiting Tivoli Garden, be sure to buy your ticket online in advance to avoid large lines. 

Tour The Canals In Nyhavn

The canals in Nyhavn are lined with beautiful, colorful homes that look like they’d fit perfectly into a fairy tale. Walking along them is quite a sight and you can catch a cool breeze from the canal ways as you pass. Famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen lived in house 20 along the canal. It was here he wrote the classic fairy tale The Princess and the Pea. They say the Nyhavn canals are the most beautiful during Christmas time so if you find yourself in Copenhagen in December make sure you visit the Nyhavn canal. 

Walk Along Stroget


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Stroget is one of the longest streets in Europe and Copenhagen’s largest shopping area. The first thing to know about Stroget is that it actually isn’t one long street at all. It is made up of seven streets filled with the finest in luxury and budget shopping options. You’ll find big designer brands like Prada and Louis Vitton at the end of the street and more budget-friendly brands towards City Hall Square. If you get tired of shopping, there’s plenty to see on Stroget as well. The Stork Fountain and Helligåndskirken are attractions worth snapping a shot of and you’ll find plenty of street performers to entertain you while you shop. 

Dine On Reffen Street Food

Open every day of the week, Reffen Street is the place where food, culture, and design meet in Copenhagen. There’s food here from all over the world and you’ll find 40 stalls full of vendors serving delicious eats. You can sit in the outdoor cafes or enjoy a nice drink as you explore the array of food vendors and trucks. Reffen is Copenhagen’s newest entrepreneurial evolution as it brings customers closer to the foods and chefs they love. If you’re a sucker for foreign cuisine, be sure to add dining on Reffen Street to your list.  

Bicycle Through The City

Copenhagen is known for its miles and miles of biking trails. More people travel through the city by bike than by car. So you have to tour the city on two wheels when you visit. Tourists recommended checking out Donkey Republic as the go-to source for bicycling. You can download their app and rent a bike in minutes. 

Explore Ancient Castles


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Like the rest of Europe, Copenhagen is bursting with ancient castles. Although all the lords and ladies are long gone, you can still visit these castles for a journey to the past. With the special Copenhagen Card, entry to a lot of these castles is free. So that might be worth checking out if castle tours are on your list of excursions. Some notable ones to visit include:

  • Kronborg Castle
  • Hermitage Palace
  • Rosenborg Castle
  • Christiansborg Palace
  • Frederiksborg Castle
  • Amalienborg Palace

Live Your Best Life In Christiania

If you’re a free, open-minded thinker, you definitely want to explore the Danish town of Christiania. Formerly an abandoned military base, Christiania became the home to hippie squatters in the 1970s. And the rest is history. The town operates completely independent from Danish rule with its own laws and regulations. Driving in Christiania is illegal so many tourist bike or catch a bus to check out the free city. Back in the day, the town was famous for its Green Light District where cannabis was openly sold and traded. 

Go Under The Sea At Den Blå Planet


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Filled with world-class architecture, thousands of sea creatures, and live shows, Den Blå Planet is Denmark’s National Aquarium and the largest aquarium in Northern Europe. The aquarium is the perfect place for a family-fun-filled afternoon and there’s plenty to see and do. This is a wonderful way to learn about sea life, the importance of “living green”, and taking care of the planet. In addition to all of the animals, there’s live entertainment throughout the day to keep you entertained as you explore life under the sea. A must-see in Denmark, Den Blå Planet is a breathtaking gem tucked away in Copenhagen’s suburbs. 

Ride The City Train

The Copenhagen City Train is a great way to see multiple Denmark hotspots in a 45-minute loop. You’ll go past the Copenhagen Cathedral and the Round Tower on your voyage and feel as though you’ve been teleported back in time. There are four stops along the railway with the main starting point leaving at City Hall. For a chill experience with plenty of sights to see, make sure to catch a ride on the City Train.

Shop At Torvehallerne Food Market


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A historic market with a rich history, Torvehallerne Food Market has to be on your list of things to see and do in Copenhagen. From fresh, raw ingredients to local culinary delights, you’ll chefs and restaurant owners from all over Denmark shopping here. The food market opened in 1889 and, after being closed for a big chunk of the 20th century, is now reopened to the public. The cafe opens at 8:00 am and is perfect for breakfast and coffee to start your day. 

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