One of the greatest things about visiting a place like Valparaiso chile is the fact that you will have the opportunity to have a taste of some world’s magnificent food. Being a city rich in history, some food traditional food has been passed down to generations for centuries. Today, Valparaiso celebrates a rich culture of a wide variety of their traditional cuisine.

When in Valparaiso, you will want to make sure that you have a taste of the conventional food.

Ajiaco or meat soup

This is a particular type of soup prepared with roasted meat left over from a barbecue. The soup is cooked by boiling the meat and adding special ingredients including chili to it. Traditionally, Ajiaco is served after a long night o celebration because it is capable of reducing hangover. It is also a good source of energy and healthy as well. A taste of this soup will leave your mouth wanting more.

Arrollado Huaso

This is one of the dishes that will leave you wishing you could stay in Valparaiso for longer. Prepared using pork, this delicacy is also prepared with spices that add a delicious taste to it. The way this pork is prepared is quite interesting because no part is thrown out even the skin. This particular dish is one of the longest ever known traditional food in Valparaiso.

Lengua de Vaca

This is a cows tongue specially prepared by cooking in salty water. Typically served with a lot of lettuce, this is the type of food that you will most likely ever find anywhere in the world. It is not usual for people to buy cow tongues to prepare for a meal. Eating cows tongue is a whole other experience especially if you have never done it before. Lengua de Vaca is served with mashed avocado.


This is one of the most traditional foods in Valparaiso. It is prepared by steaming raw potatoes. The dish is also made using pork as well. It is a heavy main meal that will leave your stomach full for hours. You can find this meal in most restaurants in Valparaiso. The boiled potatoes look like bread when ready changing the conventional idea of the traditional look of cooked potatoes.

Pastel de Jaiba

This is a special type of seafood and a typical traditional dish in Valparaiso. It is prepared by carefully breaking the legs of a crab and its delicate meat used to make a pie. Bread soaked in milk is also another vital ingredient in the preparation of this meal. Spices such as onion are also used to add a unique taste.

While food is one of the things, you must try while in a foreign country, you need to know the type of food that you are not allergic to. Notice that some of the local dishes look too confusing that you cannot easily tell whether it is meat or vegetable. It is also important to know that chefs in Valparaiso are highly regarded thanks to their special gift of preparing some of the most amazing dishes.