Don’t let cruise lines fool you, there are way more things to do in Cozumel than you could do on a one-day stop. Cozumel, Mexico is a beautiful, tropical island off the Yucatan Peninsula and potentially the best vacation destination for you this year. With its fascinating marine life, year-round temperate climate, and rich culture and history, it may be too good to pass up.

Part of the appeal of Cozumel is that it is a lively city with fun activities for all ages. It is also one of the safest places to travel in Mexico. Every traveler is different, so here are some ideas of things to do in Cozumel that could be perfect for your specific trip. 


Swimming With Marine Life And Other Tropical Adventures

Punta Sur Eco Beach Park is the perfect spot for those looking for a seemingly endless number of things to do in Cozumel all in one spot. Punta Sur is well-loved for the vast number of native wildlife available for tourists to observe safely while prioritizing its preservation. Travelers can watch crocodiles in their natural habitat from a boat tour or from a bird’s eye view at the top of the lighthouse lookout. Punta Sur is also one of the largest and best snorkeling locations as any equipment needed is available for rent to explore its vast underwater reefs. The park’s beaches are also available for a classic beach experience. Other activities at Punta Sur Eco Park include massages, Tequila bars, walking trails, kayaking, and more. It’s the perfect place to bring kids so they will never get bored. 

Visiting The Beach For Free

Naturally (literally), what attracts many to Cozumel is its sugary white sand beaches and crystal clear water. Playa Palancar is a public beach for those looking for free things to do in Cozumel but do not want to miss out on a beach vacation. It is perfect for interacting with locals, exploring marine life, or simply relaxing. Although accessing this beach is free, there are also bars, restaurants and snorkeling rentals available along Playa Palancar. With traveling prices for Mexico consideringly rising, this is a need-to-know spot for the cheapest fun. 

Relaxing At A Secluded Beach 

Located on the less-touristy, east side of Cozumel is Playa Chen Rio. This is the quieter spot for travelers “in-the-know” looking for a relaxing getaway at the beach. Rentable beach chairs, and bars and restaurants are not located along Playa Chen Rio like other beaches. However, this makes for a less crowded and more authentic beach experience as most will stay on the west side. This beach does have stronger winds and larger waves that travelers should be cautious of, but the natural rock barriers within help break up these strong waves and create a nice lagoon area to swim in. 

Other Activities

Sightseeing And Visiting Historical Landmarks

Cozumel was once home to a historic Mayan community of thousands. Within the island were temples known to be sacred to the goddess of fertility, Ix Chel. These temples that were once visited by Mayan women seeking a blessing from Ix Chel are now ruins. However, these ruins are able to be visited at the Archaeological Zone of San Gervasio. This is the perfect landmark for those looking to not only learn more about the ancient Mayan history of Cozumel but to also walk alongside it and actually visit the historical pilgrimage. 

For an opportunity to learn even more about the island’s history in a variety of immersive ways, visit the Cozumel Museum. The Cozumel Museum is located in the island’s largest city, San Miguel, making it an ideal destination for those exploring the city. Additionally, the Cozumel Museum is the perfect indoor activity for those visiting the island in its rainiest time of year, the summer months. 

Making Chocolate At A Chocolate Factory

Learn even more about Cozumel’s Mayan history in the most delicious way: making and sampling chocolate. Chocolate is widely known as a European creation but its origin actually traces way back to ancient Mesoamerica, which includes Mayan civilizations in what is now Mexico. Chocolate was usually consumed as a bitter, frothy drink and represented many important things to Mayans such as health and vitality, religious ceremonial use, status of wealth, currency for trading and paying workers and more. Now travelers can visit chocolate factories like the Mayan Cacao Company in Cozumel to learn how this ancient delicacy was created by making their own chocolate bar just like the Mayans used to make. All beached out? What better things to do in Cozumel than to get in touch with the Island’s history while enjoying the up to 13 different artisanal chocolates available to try or even making a chocolate margarita? Nothing. So head on down to The Mayan Cacao Company.

Taking A Tour Of The Island Of Cozumel

At the end of the day, there are so many things to do in Cozumel but only 24 hours in the day. For travelers who want to explore the ins and outs of the island but are strapped for time, a guided tour is the perfect solution. Take a tour around Cozumel via boat, Jeep, ATV, private van or dune buggy for a fun, round trip way to sight see and learn the history of this beautiful destination.

Island Nightlife On Cozumel

There is no better time to have fun all night and sleep in all day than on vacation, so checking out Cozumel’s nightlife is a must when visiting. Most of the bars and nightclubs can be found in the main city of San Miguel. However, this does not mean Cozumel is limited on party spots. Travelers can find night clubs, beach bars, cigar shops and bars, hookah bars and more when out on the town in San Miguel. Looking for a bustling bar with plenty or patrons and live entertainment? Try Wet Wendy’s Margarita House. Want to experience a beach bar with an exclusive, luxury feel? Visit Buccanos Beach club. Or interested in chilling out and trying hookah? Try it out at El Cielo Hookah Bar. There’s even Cozumel Bar Hop for those looking to try multiple, unique bars or find a group of other travelers to explore the nightlife scene with. 

These spots and more, plus the island’s general safety, are what make Cozumel perfect for a night out.