At a value equal to the U.S. dollar, the euro has reached its lowest level in 20 years. With prices rising in the U.S. due to several factors, with pent-up demand being the biggest driver, a strong dollar offers price incentive for travelers looking to go abroad. Expedia has revealed the top European destinations with ADRs (average daily rates) cheaper than pre-pandemic prices, most at less than $250 per night.

Travelers may find the best prices for flights to Spain, Greece, and the Netherlands, according to Expedia data. Here is a list of ADRs of some of the top European destinations for this summer:

1. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona: $261 per night in August.  

Barcelona is divided into ten districts that are home to several neighborhoods. Some are more on the luxurious side, especially if they are close to tourist attractions, while others are more humble.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jace and Afsoon

Amsterdam: $227 per night in August.

Amsterdam is the most visited city in the Netherlands, and among the most popular in Europe.

3. Vienna, Austria

Austria Tourism

Vienna: $125 per night in August.

The capital of Austria is a city filled with fine art galleries, historical museums, and plenty of tours to see it all. Travelers can learn about its rich history and culture. 

4. Brussels, Belgium

Visit Brussels

Brussels: $131 per night in August.

Known for its cuisine and gastronomic offerings (including its local waffle, chocolate, French fries, and numerous types of beers), the capital of Belgium is one of the European cities with a wide range of nightlife and a number of restaurant options for visitors to choose from.

5. Budapest, Hungary 

Photo courtesy of Budapest Christmas

Budapest: $133 per night in August. 

The capital of Hungary offers its visitors amazing buildings and structures. Many of the buildings are made of stone and are massive once you get up close to them.

Budapest’s best-kept secrets are its thermal spas. The most popular one for millennials is the Szechenyi Baths. It has multiple outdoor pools heated to different temperatures with a super cute yellow bathhouse as its background.

6. Berlin, Germany

Berlin: $152 per night in August.

The capital of Germany ranks as the second largest city in Europe after London.

Berlin has a rich history and is the capital of one of the most progressive nations in the world.

7. Athens, Greece

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Athens:  $201 per night in August

The capital of Greece has a lot to offer. Its impressive monuments and delicious and varied Mediterranean cuisine fascinate tourists from all over the world.

A day trip to some of its nearby towns and villages is highly recommended to learn more about the city’s rich local culture.

8. Nice, France

Guillaume Chanson

Nice: $239 per night in August.

Known for its glamour and natural beauty, Nice, located in the French Riviera (or Côte d’Azur), is a haven for A-list celebrities.

The city offers a large market during the day and lively restaurants and bars at night.

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