This year is the year of exploration for many, especially after almost three years of being stuck at home. Intrepid Travel knows this and is launching over 80 new travel experiences in 2023. 

Known as the largest B-Corp-certified travel company in the world, Intrepid continues to lead the industry by offering fresh perspectives on travel in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. 

“After one of our most successful years in over 30 years in business, we are very excited to share the thoughtfully designed itineraries debuting in 2023,” said Erica Kritikides, the Global Product Manager at Intrepid. 

Kritikides adds, “I am extremely proud of the Intrepid team for continuing to reach new heights, bringing to life the adventure, natural beauty and hidden stories within some of our most unique and conscious tours to date.”

For over 30 years, Intrepid Travel’s purpose has been to help travelers discover the most amazing destinations worldwide. There are over 1,150 Intrepid trips on every continent. Each trip is curated by a local. 

Itineraries in new locations

This year, Intrepid debuts itineraries to new destinations, more activities supporting indigenous communities and women-run businesses, and more ethical wildlife adventures. The travel company aims to give its travelers more meaningful ways to experience destinations. 

The 80 experiences launched for 2023 are activities added to existing itineraries, brand new tours and destinations. 

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Here are 6 of Intrepid Travel’s new itineraries for 2023:

Rwanda Gorilla Naming Ceremony & Uganda 

Intrepid Travel Rwanda Uganda
Intrepid Travel

Starting at $2,382 per person, this inaugural trip allows you to attend a naming ceremony for the baby gorillas born in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park in the past year. In addition to trekking alongside gorillas in Uganda, you’ll enjoy a boat cruise and game drives and learn how the human-wildlife conflict is being handled. 

Vanuatu Expedition: Land Diving Festival 

Head to this South Pacific destination to learn more about the cultural practices of the Pentecost Island’s land-diving Indigenous people. Land diving is considered by many to be the original bungee jumping and is a coming-of-age ritual for young men in this region. This five-day adventure starts at $2,382 per person. 

Pakistan Expedition

Intrepid Travel Pakistan
Intrepid Travel

This year marks the first time that Pakistan is an Intrepid Travel destination. On this 15-day experience, travelers will learn about the country’s past, present and future. Starting at $5,100 per person, you’ll immerse yourself in Pakistani culture by meeting local families in Shimshal, eating local cuisine, visiting female-led community projects and more. 

Best of Costa Rica

Spend eight days exploring the rainforests, beaches and wildlife of Costa Rica. Visit the Térraba matriarchal Indigenous community, which has survived the land for over 500 years. Travelers will learn more about the women who have passed information down through generations, learn how to carve traditional wooden masks and more. This experience starts at $2,890 per person. 

Peru Expedition: Trek the Great Inca Road 

Intrepid Travel Peru
Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel partners with SA Expeditions, a fellow B Corp business, on a sustainable trip along the Great Inca Road. This is the first time a global tour operator will bring travelers to experience this 25,000-mile ancient highway. For $3,185 per person, alongside a traditional llama caravan, you’ll get an up-close look at this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Israel & Palestine Real Food Adventure

If you’re a foodie, add this experience to your 2023 travel plans. In addition to eating incredibly delicious meals, you’ll experience the first female brewer in the Middle East, Taybeh Brewing Company. This business has been running since 1994. This experience starts at $3,550 per person. 

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