Intrepid Travel’s mission was to, “create positive change through the joy of travel.” Today, Intrepid Travel has created new group trips that are centered around learning and honoring Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC). These eight trips are U.S. based and are in collaboration with National Blacks in Travel & Tourism Collaborative as well as officials from both the Crow Nation and Lakota Tribes.

Take their six day tour and indulge in the history of the Gullah Geechee, ancestors of enslaved people from West and Central Africa. The tour goes starts in Charleston and stops at Skidway Island State Park, Beaufort, Saint Helena Island, James Island, Johns Island and ends in Charleston. On the trip, you will be educated on the Gullah Geechee’s language, history, music, dance and food.

Ms. Anita Prather, Intrepid Travel

Or, head to South Dakota for a four day trip to learn and communicate with the Oglala Lakota. Your group will be guided by a Lakota guide on the day you visit Pine Ridge reservation. See buffalo and elk, visit Mt. Rushmore and hike Badlands National Park on this North Central U.S. trip.

The other 6 trips will lead you through Louisiana, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Montana, Oregon and California. You can expect to be submersed by the culture of each area, with experts and leaders to guide you through a meaningful and hopefully, life changing trip.

Intrepid Travel has over 7,500 views and an average of 4.6 stars on Tour Radar, giving them a solid reputation for meaningful group travel. One review from earlier this year states, “Great new experiences everyday. The tour has it all, historical sites, outdoors, hikes, sea, cycling.”

Intrepid Travel

The Intrepid Foundation was founded in 2002 and is Intrepid Travel’s non-profit sector. It is dedicated to encouraging communities to help themselves by donating funds to community- led projects. Through its travelers, the Intrepid Foundation has raised and donated $6 million since it’s start 20 years ago.

Their new mission is to create, “over 200 new global trips with a renewed focus on wildlife and environmental conservation, disability support, preservation of indigenous and minority cultural traditions, gender equality, and empowerment, as well as skills training and education.” With these eight BIPOC centric trips as part of Intrepid Travel’s 40 experiences offered in the U.S., this travel company is well on their way to making its latest mission a success.