Bringing together a list of brand new museums to grace 2022, here is what to expect in the world of art and artifacts. From Dubai’s futuristic world predictions to Charleston’s ode to African American culture— you’ll want to add these spots to your travel lists.

1. Grand Egyptian Museum, Giza

Heading to Cairo this 2022? You can now add the Grand Egyptian Museum to your itinerary after exploring the pyramids while in Giza.

Due to open in November 2022, visitors can expect a museum as incredible and spectacular as the history that it will display. The Grand Egyptian Museum is set to house around 100,000 ancient artifacts including the never-before-displayed to the public colossal statue of Ramses the Great, Tutankhamun’s funery collection, Khufu’s solar boat and more.

The Museum is said to be more than double the size of the MET museum in New York City and will have an expected 15,000 visitors per day once opening later this year.

2. Institute of Contemporary African Art & Film, Nigeria

Unsplash | Ovinuchi Ejiohuo

Nigeria’s new visual arts museums will open this Spring in Ilorin, the capital of Kwara state, just north of Lagos. Following in the promising footsteps of what has been termed an art renaissance in Nigeria throughout the past decade, the ICAAF is welcomed with much anticipation internationally. The museum has already been hailed as Nigeria’s ‘first visual art institution of international repute’.

With a specific focus on visual and cinematic arts, the museum is set to feature several curated art galleries, post-production studios, a lecture hall, a cinema and a selection of co-working spaces to encourage collaboration and further artistic development in the country.

The ICAAF has noted that they actively resist ‘the notion of an art gallery as an elite cultural object’ and instead ‘[integrates] the building more into the life of the city and invites people in to create a locally relevant and viable institution’.

3. Museum of the Future, Dubai

Escape on a journey to 2071 in Dubai. In one of the most advanced buildings on the planet, experience new worlds and ways of living and then, ‘return to shape today’s world for the better’, prompts the website for the Museum of the Future.

Claiming to be a museum where ‘history is made rather than displayed’, the Museum of the Future is a home for inspiration and future projects and progressions. On the website, it elaborates on the intention of the space, stating that ‘in an age of anxiety and cynicism about the future, we are showing that things can and must progress’.

With each of the five floors designed like a film set from the future, the settings and scenes are fully immersive and have been crafted by a team of the world’s leading product, media, exhibition and experience designers. Find interactive exhibitions on climate change, space travel, wellness, spirituality and ecology and a world of other topics.

While the opening date hasn’t been confirmed, the building has been completed and considering the Dubai Expo in place, an opening for the futuristic site in the busy city seems likely very soon.

4. International African American Museum, Charleston

Rising up from the historic Gadsden’s Wharf, the International African American Museum will open in Charleston as one of the country’s most sacred sites this Fall.

What was once the disembarkation point for almost half of all enslaved Africans brought to North America, will soon be a space that holds space for the unsung stories of the US-based and wider African diaspora. The new museum along the Cooper River will blend classic and innovative ways of archiving information about African American culture and its undeniable international influence. There will also be a Center for Family History which will serve as a resource for African American genealogy. Staff will be able to provide both extensive and basic sources to provide guidance on genealogy and family history.

Complete with an African Ancestors Memorial Garden that features an infinity fountain at the edge of the wharf, the overall goal of the museum is to “foster empathy and understanding, empowering visitors with the knowledge of the past”.

5. East End Women’s Museum, London

Photo Credit: Dominika Gregušová

This year, London will be the recipient of England’s only dedicated women’s museum with the East End Women’s Museum. The space will share and celebrate women’s stories and voices from the depths of East London’s history.

While originally proposed in 2015 and unfavorably replaced with the ‘Jack the Ripper Museum’ dedicated to detailing the unsolved murders of women from East London, this Fall the museum will open with more fight and tenacity as it finally brings women’s histories, triumphs and realities to the forefront. The museum will dedicate plentiful space for a diverse range of women’s stories and contributions to the fabric of London’s much-loved eastern region.

6. Museum of Broadway, NYC

This summer, the first museum entirely dedicated to Broadway will open its doors in New York City, and the world of musicals can’t wait.

In the heart of New York City’s Theatre District at 145 West 45th Street, the interactive museum will offer “groundbreaking moments in Broadway’s history”. Be ready for a chance to delve into the depths of Broadway’s game-changing musicals with the help of video projections and installations designed by contemporary artists.

7. ReefLine, Miami Beach

Getty Images

This seven-mile-long underwater sculpture park built by world-renowned architecture studio OMA is set to shake-up the scene in Miami Beach.

ReefLine, with its structure that will double as an artificial reef full of art installations will be strategically displayed among coral and endangered marine life so to further the wider collaboration of expert marine biologists, researchers, architects, International artists and costal engineers.

The large-scale environmental public art project will promote biodiversity, enhance coastal resilience and provide a much-needed habitat for endangered reef.

8. National Museum, Norway

At more than half a million square feet, Norway is due to get its largest Nordic museum. The museum will house the National Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design. As an additional bonus, the museum will offer spectacular views of Oslo’s city hall square and waterfront.

Said to open on June 11, the museum will be a perfect addition to any European summer trip. Hosting both Norwegian and international artists, notable pieces to look out for include Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” and a self-portrait by Vincent van Gogh.

9. NFT Museum, Seattle, Washington

Getty Images

Freshly arriving in Seattle, a long-time huge tech hub in the US, the first NFT museum opened on January 16 and is ready to be explored all 2022. 

NFTs hit the scene with much energy and controversy early 2021, now the museum will see artwork by local and international artists including pieces by crypto artist Blake Kathryn and Seattle-based photographer Charles Peterson, who will reveal never-before-seen photographs of Nirvana and Kurt Cobain as NFTs.

10. Robot Science Museum, South Korea

Mongkol Chuewong | Getty Images

At the end of the year, Seoul’s newest museum showcasing all things robotics will make its first appearance, and will do so as a museum partially built by robots.

In efforts to provide public education on robotics and promote technology, the museum’s exhibition shows-off the best in innovative robotics in a thorough and interactive fashion. Visitors will be able to experience artificial intelligence, hologram technology, virtual reality and, of course, the best in robot technology.

The Robot Science Museum in South Korea’s capital city will be the epitome of a museum from and for the future.