The podcast scene has exploded with new and exciting Black podcasters sharing their stories, lessons and trips. Finding out about black narratives while abroad has always been key to the black travel experience, in the last few years, podcasts have provided an intimate, trustworthy and easy way to access that knowledge.

Here are the top 10 travel podcasts to get you prepared for wanderlust in 2022.

HomeGrown The Expat Podcast

homegrown the podcast
Photo credit: Daisy Costello for Sassy Media Group

Founded by Nigerian-British expats, Marie-Louisa Awolaja and Folahan Sowole, HomeGrown The Podcast serves to showcase life in Hong Kong for the black community globally. Curious about what life would be like as a Black Expat in Asia? Find your answers in the warm, honest and personal retellings in this podcast.  Listen to HomeGrown via Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

The Joanna Jewell Podcast


The Black Expat In Antalya, Turkey: 'I Love Seeing Other Black People On A Daily Basis'
Joanna Jewell

The Joanna Jewell Podcast covers everything from navigating the digital nomad life to dating abroad. The podcast holds space for the many complexities of travelling from the trusted perspective of a South African solo-woman traveler living abroad for the last 7 years.

Listen to The Joanna Jewell Podcast on Apple Podcasts and Podbean.


A Little Less Crazy Podcast


A Little Less Crazy Podcast
Photo credit: A Little Less Crazy Podcast

After 15 years of (mostly) solo travel, Kaya provides a home for the stories and guests met along the way in the A Little Less Crazy podcast. The ‘world-traveling wanderess’ talks us through the vulnerable, the cringe, the hilarious and the wild moments of traveling the world.

Listen to the A Little Less Crazy podcast on Spotify

Blaxit Global

Blaxit Global
Photo Credit: Blaxit Global

Hugely centered on the wide-ranging and varying experiences of the African diaspora abroad, Blaxit Global podcast chronicles the ‘Blaxit’ from the United States out into the exciting and often times daunting world of Black Expathood. Blaxit Global is largely about educating, informing and empowering listeners, all while host Chrishan Wright delves deeply into the work of demystifying the process of moving abroad.

Listen to the Blaxit Global podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Podcasts.  

Black Women Travel Podcast

Black Women Travel Podcast
Photo credit: Black Women Travel Podcast

The Black Women Travel Podcast serves as a generously created safe and supportive space for Black women travelers deeply in need of community, discussion and vulnerability. By carving out space in the podcast world for healing and storytelling, the podcast invites traveling Black women to slow down and breathe deeper into their intentions and travel reflections.

Listen to the Black Women Travel Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts.

Melanin and Miles

The travel podcast for Millenial and Gen-Z Black women, hosted by Joi-Wade and Janelle Layton, two globe-trotting Black girls in their 20s.

The travel diary feel of the podcast paired with the advice-filled recap stories encourages you to live your best life abroad, while embracing the lessons and fun that is bound to accompany you.

Listen to the Melanin and Miles podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts .

Travel N Sh!t Podcast

Travel N Sh!t
Photo credit: Travel N Sh!t

A podcast that values the raw and the nuanced evaluations of travel experiences as much as it values the destinations. Travel N Sh!t focuses on the real and everyday topics of solo travel for POC wanderers.

Listen to the Travel N Sh!t Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and SoundCloud.  

Not Your Average Jo

Jo Franco, one of the original introductions to budget friendly, fully immersive world travel, has created a podcast. The Not Your Average Jo podcast focuses on lifestyle and travel hacks such as language learning and travel reflections and tips.

Listen to the the Not Your Average Jo podcast on Apple Podcasts and Spotify

By The Fire Podcast

A slight twist on the theme, By The Fire Podcast takes us on a journey using mythical tales and creatures from across the African diaspora. Travel the diaspora through their individual stories and myths in this podcast dedicated to elevating the consciousness of the rich stories that come out of the African diaspora.

Listen to the By Fire Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and SoundCloud.  

Young Black Travelers

Young Black Travelers
Photo Credit: Young Black Travelers

A podcast making space for the diverse stories, experiences and perspectives of young black travelers. The Young Black Travelers podcast seeks out opportunity for the necessary and out of reach conversations to ignite real change and awareness about the realities of traveling while Black.

Listen to the Young Black Travelers podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Anchor