You’d be hard-pressed to find a rom-com that doesn’t leverage the beauty of a natural sunset. Just imagine it.

After the twists and turns in the plot that lead the two main love interests together, they have their big moment on a beach or near a city landmark with, you guessed it, a golden sunset cascading in the background.

While this is a part of the rom-com formula, nature can hold a beautiful significance for people on and off the screen. The beverage experts at Gold Peak tend to agree. 

Whether it’s a national park or a mountainous range, one of nature’s most endearing highlights is the beauty of sunsets, commonly known as the “golden hour.”

Gold Peak wants everyone to experience the radiance of golden hour, so check out these ten locations that offer the best view for you to enjoy the tea and the views.

Hopi Point – Grand Canyon, AZ

The Grand Canyon is a natural treasure, but Hopi Point is the place to take in the sunset at its best. Whether you take the bus to the point or take the short hike, you can enjoy the golden hour as the cliffs turn red, transcending to purple as the sun draws lower.

Santa Monica Pier – Santa Monica, CA

Head over to the West Coast and go to one of the region’s most famous areas to experience the beauty of the sunset. Santa Monica Pier offers a great view with live music, a popular beach, and its historic carousel.

Brooklyn Bridge – New York, NY

The Brooklyn Bridge isn’t just for cars. With thousands of people who walk across the landmark daily, there is plenty of room to pause and enjoy nature. Catch the sunset as it hits the Statue of Liberty, cascading down the city’s massive skyscrapers.

Harbor Town – Memphis, TN

Just behind the nation’s largest Bass Pro Shop in the Pyramid Arena, Harbor Town is a quaint neighborhood with a park lining the mighty Mississippi River. With the “M” shaped bridge in its background, the sunset glides down the mirrored glass of the pyramid building while echoing its rays against the river’s water.

Kennedy Center – Washington, D.C.

The famous building has a terrace that offers a full view of the Potamic River. With some national monuments in sight, the sunset provides a tranquil and picturesque atmosphere for viewers to get lost in as the sun melts from the sky.

Carkeek Park - Seattle, WA

Large maple and spruce trees make up the park area, and offer a pristine viewing perspective of the sun as it hits the Olympic Mountains. Catching the sun from this view is only enhanced by the waterfront that gives off beautiful reflections of the sun as it fades away until it’s time to rise again.

Old Fort Marcy Park – Santa Fe, NM

The southwestern park has elevations extending up to 8,000 feet with historic ruins that serve as social media-worthy backgrounds and can be the perfect viewing spot for a pristine sunset. Enjoy the blood-orange hues of the sun that come through the clouds, creating a burst of vibrant colors.

Gay Head – Martha's Vineyard, MA

With little blocking the sun’s view, Gay Head allows the sun the penetrate through. The sunsetting rays command visible attention as they come through, landing to create various shapes and colors across the area’s boulders and clay deposits.

Tybee Lighthouse – Tybee Island, GA

Lighthouses usually project light at night, but their proximity to the sky usually allows them to be an excellent option for viewing nature. The lighthouse in Tybee is no different. Just east of Savannah, patrons can tour Tybee Lighthouse and catch unmatched sunset views.

Chicago Botanic Garden – Chicago, IL

Chicago gets some harsh commentary for its winters, but it more than makes up for it in the summer and with its city landscape. Visiting the botanic garden can connect you to nature, but being there while the sun sets allows you to watch the changing scenery as you take in the views and calmness of the garden’s fountains.

Because sunsets are so pervasive, many people may take them for granted. However, their presence and ambiance come as one of the most enjoyable features of nature.

Whether you can find a chance to visit one of the spots listed above or you’re able to pull up a chair in your backyard, grab your favorite Gold Peak beverage and enjoy the golden hour.