The Chicago Architecture Boat Tour is a Local Favorite Tourist Attraction
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Chicago Riverboat Architecture Boat Tours

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Chicago Riverboat Architecture Boat Tours

The Chicago Architecture Boat Tour is a Local Favorite Tourist Attraction

Chicago , United States
Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña Aug 7, 2023

When visitors descend upon the Windy City, seeking the quintessential Chicago experience, one activity stands out as a must-see: The Chicago Architecture Boat Tour. This isn’t just a recommendation for tourists. Many locals find themselves drawn to the tour, eager to share the city’s architectural splendor and their personal stories with friends and family.

Wendella’s Architecture Tour Since 1935

Wendella, known as the city’s “original” architecture tour, has been guiding visitors through Chicago’s architectural wonders since 1935. Today, they offer multiple tours daily, attracting an average of 100,000 passengers per month during the summer season. While most guests are American tourists, Wendella has noticed a surprising number of locals who embark on the journey. According to Andrew Sargis, director of sales and marketing for Wendella Tours and Cruises, there’s always something new to discover. That notion makes it an appealing adventure for both residents and visitors.

Photo credit: Chicago Riverboat Architecture Boat Tours

The allure of the tour lies not only in the splendid architecture, but also in the guides themselves. Wendella’s tour guides receive extensive training, but they are encouraged to infuse their own narratives and anecdotes. This results in a unique experience for every group.

“We have a tour guide that is a retired police officer, and he will interject anecdotes from his career,” Sargis explained. “We have a tour guide that’s a Vietnam War Veteran, and when we go by the Vietnam War Memorial, he will always discuss the importance of it to him.”

Chicago Residents Love The Boat Tour

Locals often find themselves reliving cherished memories, as they traverse the city’s architectural landscape. For Bobby Scheffel, one of the tour guides, talking about the Board of Trade building brings back fond childhood memories of walking by it.

For many residents, the tour becomes a way to deepen their connection with the city. They discover hidden gems and intriguing stories that even lifelong Chicagoans might have overlooked.

The Tour Runs Year Round

Photo credit: Chicago Riverboat Architecture Boat Tours

Despite Chicago’s unpredictable weather, the tour runs year-round, and locals rarely shy away from exploring their beloved city. They take prid e in uncovering the city’s beauty, gaining a newfound appreciation for the skyline and the architectural masterpieces that define their home.

In the bustling city life, residents often overlook the remarkable sights that draw millions of tourists every year. The architecture boat tour serves as a gentle reminder of the city’s grandeur, instilling a sense of pride among locals and making them fall in love with Chicago all over again. Whether they are showing off the city to guests or satisfying their curiosity, locals find solace in this enchanting voyage through the heart of Chicago’s architectural history.

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