The Best Restaurants in Santorini
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

The Best Restaurants in Santorini

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@TheBrunchxgod Jun 14, 2022

Santorini is without a doubt an eye-catching destination in Greece. One of the main Greek islands that attracts tourists from all over, we decided to put together a list of Santorini’s best restaurants to add to your itineraries this summer.

1. Selene

Selene is greek-inspired and run by Michelin-starred chef Ettore Bottini. Selene is located inside an old monastery adding Greek influenced vibes to the location. The star of the menu includes red mullet with wild fennel pesto and pistachios. At the same time, Selene’s desserts are known to be scrumptious. At the end of the meal, they serve a chocolate bar over soft butter with olive oil and a side of cinnamon ice cream.  

2. Aktaion

The history of Aktaion runs more than 90 years back. Now the place is run by the third generation of the founding family. This restaurant is known for its delicious food and the best service. The menu features some Mediterranean dishes with a twist of Greek flavors. The menu includes fava with capers, mackerel fritters, and white-aubergine pie. 

3. Argo

Argo restaurant is one of the best restaurants with an outstanding view of the caldera. People including tourists do not forget to add this place to their bucket lists as sunset meals at the restaurant are memorable. They make sure to use local and fresh ingredients to make their dishes. The star dish on the menu is fava. 

4. 1800


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Those who visit Oia, never forget to visit 1800. This is an award-winning restaurant with a rustic atmosphere. You can enjoy the view of the caldera over candlelight. 1800 would definitely make it a memorable one in your life since their service is top-notch and outstanding. You can visit this place to have a romantic dinner or to get a family dinner. The mouth-watering menu goes with an immense wine pairing as well. 

5. To Psaraki


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To Psaraki is located in a remote, small seaside town of Vlychada. Interestingly, this town believes in vampires. To Psaraki has a different vibe at the place along with the caned chairs and Greek blue veranda. The place is run by chef Thanasis Sfougaris and he makes sure that the people are served the freshest fish. The menu has a lobster on some days. Go for brine-fresh carpaccio or the Greek mussel. These dishes are the most demanded dishes. 

6. Tranquilo

This is great news if you are a vegetarian. Tranquilo is a vegetarian restaurant where they grow their own vegetables. The menu includes salads, wraps, veggie burgers, and meze snacks. You can do yoga at this place and they have music events too. The atmosphere is welcoming and beautiful. 

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