Get your dancing shoes on, gather your belongings, and prepare for a whirlwind tour of the top Afro-centric festivals worldwide. The explosions of culture, rhythm, and pure, unadulterated joy that characterize these lively occasions make them more than just events. Let’s dive into the heart of these festivals that promise to leave you grooving and yearning for more.

Jazz In The Gardens

Jazz in the Gardens is a celebration of jazz and R&B that happens annually in Miami.  Each year, people worldwide travel to celebrate Black music and Black culture.  For 2024, Jazz in the Gardens has partnered with the Black Promoters Collective (BPC) to bring unforgettable experiences to the weekend of events, including a Women’s Impact luncheon and an opening night party. Purchase your tickets here.

AfroFuture – Accra, Ghana

Ghana has a one-of-a-kind Afro-centric festival, AfroFuture. Imagine an explosion of colors, a sea of melanin, and beats that can make your heart dance even if you’ve got two left feet. AfroFuture isn’t just about music; it celebrates Afro-centric art, fashion, and food. 

Essence Festival – New Orleans, USA

No city does it better than New Orleans when it comes to throwing parties. So heading to Essence Festival is a must. This cultural extravaganza has soul-stirring musical performances, thought-provoking discussions, and breathtaking art installations. 

Zanzibar International Film Festival – Zanzibar, Tanzania

The Zanzibar International Film Festival differs from your average film gala. From thought-provoking documentaries to heartwarming narratives, ZIFF is a cinematic journey that will make you laugh, cry, and appreciate the beauty of African storytelling.

Carnival Calabar – Calabar, Nigeria

An Afro-centric festival tour isn’t complete without a stop in Nigeria. Spectacular costumes, pounding music, and an explosion of color fill the streets during this festival. Carnival Calabar will ignite your senses and leave you marveling at the creativity and vitality of the Nigerian people.

Reggae Sumfest – Montego Bay, Jamaica

Slow things down at Reggae Sumfest in Jamaica. This one has strong island vibes, where reggae and dancehall acts set the stage ablaze. The atmosphere is as relaxing as a melody that could lull a shark into a state of bliss. 

Bushfire Festival – Malkerns Valley, Eswatini

If you’re seeking a festival that blends music, activism, and a touch of magic, then the Bushfire Festival in Eswatini is your destination. Set against the picturesque Malkerns Valley, this festival is a melting pot of artists, thinkers, and change-makers from across the continent. With its soul-stirring Afro-fusion beats and thought-provoking conversations on social justice, this festival is one not to miss.

Notting Hill Carnival – London, UK

Lastly, let’s hop across the pond to the Notting Hill Carnival in London, where the only thing grey is the pavement. This Caribbean masquerade paints the town with a spectrum of costumes. It’s an Afro-Caribbean mosaic of steel pans, calypso, and jerk chicken stands, each more inviting than the last.