Alesandra Dubin shares with Travel + Leisure the inexpensive hack that allowed her to track her lost luggage‘s whereabouts ahead of filing a claim with the airlines. Before her trip to summer vacation at the Mandarin Oriental, Dubin placed Apple AirTags in all of her family luggage. When one of her luggage did not arrive back in Los Angeles, I didn’t have to spend a single unnecessary late-night moment wondering if or when it might emerge. Rather, she wasn’t left wondering where it could be. Dubin simply pulled out the Find My app on her iPhone and confirm that her luggage was not in LAX. Instead, it was 2,342 miles away in Miami, where the Dubins had their last connecting flight.

Markus Winkler

What's An Air Tag?

Apple Airtags are personal GPS devices about the size of a small watch face. Typically, these tags are about $29 each, or close to $100 for a four-pack. Additionally, set up is easy–  you just hold it next to your iPhone or iPad to link to your account.

How To Use:

To locate a missing device, you can play a sound on the built-in speaker. This works best when items are likely to be in the same place as you. However, if you believe you left it somewhere all you have to do is pull up the Find My app and track the missing item that way. You can also log in to your iCloud on your laptop. Dubin shares that she was “not only that it was in Miami, but precisely where it was in the terminal.” After filing her claim, while waiting for her bag to make its way to Los Angeles Dubin found comfort in being able to track her luggage’s whereabouts without needing to keep calling the airlines for updates.

Dubin shared with T+L, that “all of this intel is valuable at any cost. But at $29 a pop for an Apple AirTag right now, there’s no bigger bargain when it comes to the chaotic, expensive world of air travel.”