Teenaged Detainee Tries To Rush Pilot On Perth-Bound Charter Flight
Photo Credit: TN

Photo Credit: TN

Teenaged Detainee Tries To Rush Pilot On Perth-Bound Charter Flight

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Amara Amaryah
Amara Amaryah Sep 8, 2022

A charter flight to Perth was turned around after a 17-year-old teenage detainee allegedly attempted to rush the pilot. The flight was carrying multiple detainees in Western Australia. The charter flight had to be turned around due to the violence and disruption.

In a recently released statement, it was confirmed that the boy was being transferred to Banksia Hill Detention Centre with two other detainees. Reportedly, moments into the flight, the boy attempted to rush towards the pilot.

The teenager was arrested and detained because he drove through a local school, a golf park and a shopping mall.

How it went down:

Once the flight took off, it only took a few minutes before the young offender attempted to rush the pilot. He was immediately restrained and proceeded to kick at the plane’s interior.

Even while the Department of Justice informed that staff regained control, the flight was turned around to return to Broome. It is said that all three offenders were already heavily detained.

“As the officers moved to bring the detainee under control, he started kicking the plane’s interior and the two other detainees joined in the disturbance.

The Statement:

“The three detainees, all aged 17, were quickly brought under control.” said the department in a statement.

The “principal offender” was taken off the charter flight and escorted onto another. The initial flight continued its journey with the two other detainees on board.

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