Teague has introduced a design for a ‘floating bed in the sky’ for single-aisle airplanes, creating a new way to travel on smaller planes. The days of leaning your head on your coat that’s propped up against the window may soon be gone.

The thoughtfulness of the design company, in collaboration with NORDAM, has made flying for a longer period on smaller planes much more comfortable.

Today, we have those chunky airline seats that barely recline, giving you almost no space to rest while in the air. Instead, Teague uses state-of-the-art designs to create, “floating beds” for airline passengers. By using sidewall attachments, the furnishings will appear to float, adding space to the interior.


According to the website, “Thanks to NORDAM’s focus on innovative, advanced composites and the new Nbrace™ technology, it is now possible to design cabins without the traditional restrictions, allowing multiple three-dimensional fixing points across the cabin including the cabin walls.”

Known as Elevate, this new design will be used on narrow-body jets taking longer trips. A narrow-body airplane is defined by Monroe Aerospace as, “a type of airplane that’s characterized by the use of a single – aisle of seats.” Generally, these airline seats are 3 across on either side of the aisle, arranged in a straight row.


The new design changes the angle of the seating to allow for more room in the same amount of space. According to Teague’s website, “Elevate came about by a serendipitous meeting between our team that had a vision for a new approach to narrow-body interiors and NORDAM which had just developed the perfect enabling technology. In this sense, the first ‘floating bed in the sky’ isn’t just a whim, it’s a direct response to the needs of passengers and airlines alike in creating a world-class premium experience on the fleets of the future.”

It is obvious to passengers that a new design is needed. Most designs are not, and never have been, comfortable, let alone pleasing to the eye. Teague’s, ‘Floating Bed In The Sky’ design is light, bright and modern. It gives potential airline passengers the ability to sit back and relax in comfort and in style.