This Sin City resort suite takes luxe to the next level. At a whopping $100,000 a night, Palms Casino Resort’s Empathy Suite is the most expensive hotel stay in the U.S. For most travelers, staying here is just a dream far beyond reach. Oddly enough, however, the people most able to easily afford such an expensive accommodation can stay for free!

How it works:

That’s right. Guests who can prove they have a credit card with a limit of over $1 million cab stay in the Palms’ Empathy Suite free of charge. If you don’t have that much in credit but can afford to shell out $100,000 for a night there, you will get a $10,000 credit to use in the resort’s casino.

I bet you’re wondering what a price tag that hefty gets you. According to the Daily Star, the suite is huge. At 836 square meters, it features two floors, a private 13-seat bar, and its own movie theatre. This suite was made for entertaining, with a dining room and lounge capable of accommodating over 50 guests.

The suite has two massive bedrooms with plenty of space to store your belongings and fitness rooms to work out in. It also has not only a hot tub and spa with massage rooms, but a huge private swimming pool as well. Constructed with glass walls, you can take in epic views of Las Vegas while enjoying your dip. with glass walls so you can look out over Las Vegas.

The room:

The room itself is amazing enough, but add on a full staff of your own to fulfill all your needs and it becomes even more incredible. In addition to 24-hour butler service, guests who book the Empathy Suite have their own private bar staff and a driver to take them wherever they want to go.

You will also get VIP access and treatment at KAOS Dayclub and Nightclub the Pearl Concert Theatre, and the resort’s 94,000 square-foot casino home to various table games, a high-limit room, and over 1,500 slot machines.

The designer of the Empathy Suite is none other than famed British artist Damien Hirst. Hirst is known for preserving dead animals and for his incorporating diamonds throughout his artwork. In fact, one of his unique works of art can be found in the suite–a huge tank featuring two preserved sharks. For more information on the lavish Empathy Suite, visit

The third most expensive in the world

Though this is no doubt one of the most expensive hotel stays in the world, it is not the most expensive. (It is number three.) The number one spot belongs to the Lover’s Deep in St. Lucia, an underwater hotel built inside of a submarine. It was designed to provide a unique and romantic experience that is truly one of a kind.

Furnished with luxurious amenities, it gives guests a world-class five-star stay complete with nonstop epic underwater views. The rooms are soundproof, so you’l have no worries about noise from nearby sea life, though you’ll definitely be able to watch them while in their natural habitat. A private chef is also included to prepare all your meals.

The top heavy hitters:

Ranking in the number two spot is Kokomo Private Island. Located in Fiji, the hotel can accommodate a maximum of 40 guests in its exclusive luxury villas. It was designed by Lang Walker AO after he visited the island and immediately knew he had come upon one of the most beautiful places on earth.

According to the resort’s website, “Arriving on his luxury superyacht (incidentally called Kokomo), Walker found some of the best diving on the world’s fourth-largest barrier reef; alongside the bare frame of a luxury resort, abandoned by a previous developer. Unperplexed by a challenge, the visionary property developer began an exceptional passion project which would become Kokomo Private Island Resort. Walker constructed his dream private island and brought to life his vision to create a paradise unlike any other; an exclusive tropical resort built with family, for family.”

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