Stanley Yelnats was going on a vacation with his family when he was asked to skip his Delta Air Lines flight because they’d over-booked. Yelnats didn’t think twice.

When the airline asked if anyone wanted to be bumped to another flight for $100, no one moved. They then offered $2,000, at that point, Kent Schietinger— known as Stanley Yelnats on TikTok— got up and volunteered himself to skip flight.

Yelnats told his followers, “My Mom was yelling at me, ‘Stan, don’t you dare get off this flight. We have a family vacation!’ Two thousand dollars is $2,000. I’m taking that and I’m running.”

Delta also paid for his transportation to and from the airport to thank him for his patience.

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Yelnats was promised first class seats on the first flight out the next morning. But, when he arrived at the airport, the Delta Air Lines flight was over-booked again. Completely elated, he begins another round of bargaining with the airline.

The airline again offered Yelnats, along with another passenger only referred to as Donald, $2,000 in Visa gift cards to skip the flight. Yelnats jumped in the air, clapped his heels together and took it, now missing two days of the family vacation.

Being stuck in New York City isn’t the worse place one could be, but it isn’t Key West, the destination of the family trip.

The third day comes and the two finally board the flight, each with $4,000 in Visa gift cards.

Finally, in Key West, Yelnats’ grabs a welcome drink at the airport before finding Donald. The two do a dance and part ways to meet their families. In the next few reels, Yelnat and Donald meet up with their families for drinks. Donald ends up taking Yelnat’s family on a pub crawl through Key West. The end of the crawl shows Yelnat and Donald looking relaxed and paid.

Hopefully, his Mom forgave him before the vacation is over.