Aspen, Colorado is what many would call the mecca of luxury ski towns. Every winter, we see dozens of Black celebrities posted up in the Aspen mountains, giving many of us a bit of FOMO.

We’ve seen everyone from Normani and Ryan Destiny, to Mariah Carey and Halle Bailey snapping photos over the last few months.

What many may not know is that the popular Colorado town isn’t very big, but it makes up for that in stunning views and bucket list-worthy activities— including snowmobiling. Sure, there’s skiing and snowboarding— the typical ski resort activities— but have you ever pushed the gas of an ‘artic cat’ while going up the narrow trails of some of North America’s most photographed mountains?

It will definitely give you bragging rights among your friend groups and social media following.

One of the main snowmobile tour operators in the Aspen area is T-Lazy 7 Ranch. It’s a family-owned ranch that spans several hundred acres, near the world-famous Maroon Bells. They offer 2-hour tours daily at 9am, 11:30am, and 2:30pm.

But, before you pack your bags and head up to Aspen, we wanted to give you a few insider’s tips to make your upcoming trip and adventure safe, and one for the books.

Here’s everything you need to know about snowmobiling in Aspen, Colorado.

1. Prepare for the altitude change

DeAnna Taylor

If you live in a city, you may not be used to high altitudes. Once you arrive in Aspen, you will likely be able to tell a difference instantly. To prepare, be sure to pack Tylenol (or a pain reliever of choice) for the headaches that can come from the changes.

Also, be sure to drink plenty of water. But, don’t be alarmed if you get winded going up even the smallest hills, it’s normal. If you have one, also pack your inhaler.

2. Dress like you are going skiing

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You won’t be falling in the snow— unless you are driving reckless and crash. But, you still want to dress as if you are skiing.

Wearing waterproof and windproof bottoms plus a shell/ jacket is very helpful. Layering is also great because as you drive the wind can begin cutting and depending on the day, it could start snowing.

Most snowmobiles have built in warmers on the handles, but wearing a pair of gloves can give your hands extra warmth. You will be provided a helmet, so no need to bring a hat. And keep in mind that most ski goggles won’t fit over the snowmobile helmets, so bringing sunglasses instead is recommended to shield the sun.

3. Pack you phone in your pocket

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The guides at T-Lazy 7 will add in stops during your tour for photo ops. Since this is what they do nearly every day, they are great at getting the best shots and angles during your excursion. Just be sure to pack your phone in your pocket, so they can take your photos. We don’t recommend trying to drive and film, though.

4. You can opt for single or doubles mobiles

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If you aren’t the biggest thrill seeker, but still want the experience, you can opt for a double mobile. This allows one person to drive, and one to ride on the back. In this case, the second rider could get some cool action shots for your group during the tour, since they won’t be steering.


5. Don't be a show off

Sadly, this needs to be said. When on any tour, you are liable for damages you cause to the equipment. When snowmobiling, you will be on some narrow trails, and the snow around the trails can be very deep.

Always listen to the guides and follow the paths they take you on, so you don’t end up in a snow ditch or worse, crash.