Pinky Cole is a 31-year old native of Baltimore. This vegan boss babe recently created one of the hottest vegan spots in Atlanta, and soon to be the nation.

We spoke with her about Slutty Vegan and how it came about.

Photo courtesy of The Slutty Vegan


Travel Noire: How and when was Slutty Vegan created?

Pinky: Slutty Vegan was created in July 2018 in my tiny 2-bedroom apartment.  The idea came to me when I was lying in bed late in the evening and had a serious craving for vegan junk food. At the time, there was no place here in Atlanta that had what I needed. I figured it was time to satisfy that need. Boom! Slutty Vegan was born.

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TN: How was the name created? What does it mean?

Pinky: I came up with the idea after much thought. I knew it had to be something eye-catching, and we all know nothing sells better than sex. But how do we make being vegan sexy? Then it hit me, Slutty Vegan. It was the perfect “spice” to my vegan recipe for success. I wanted to empower the community with the knowledge that vegan and healthy foods can be sexy too.  One of my main goals from the beginning has been to change the narrative on healthy eating, especially here in the south.

Photo courtesy of The Slutty Vegan

TN: What are some of the dishes that you offer at Slutty Vegan?

Pinky: Currently, our most popular menu items are our array of sultry vegan burgers. They include: ‘The One Night Stand,” which is sure to leave you wanting a round two, “The Fussy Hussy,” because everyone needs a little fuss in their life, “Sloppy Toppy,” because why not, the “Ménage a Trois,” because one will always be the loneliest number, “Heaux Boy,” since heaux boys need love too, “Hot Chick,” because everyone wants to have one or be one, and my personal favorite, “The Big Dawg,” because there is a big dawg in all of us, no matter the circumstance. Outside of our famously taste bud-arousing buns, we also offer specialty pies, deserts, and drinks.

Photo courtesy of The Slutty Vegan

TN: What has the feedback been like from the community?

Pinky: The response since our opening, just a little over five months ago, has been nothing short of breathtaking. I had no idea when I sat in that bed wanting junk food that the outreach would be so uplifting. I take pride in that. Most of my customers aren’t vegan, but the way my line gets packed you would think otherwise. I am so honored that so many people in my community have invested so much of their time, energy, and love into my vision and mission. That is why we opened our first shop right in the West End community, right in the heart of Atlanta, which has given and taught me so much. As for the celebrity response, each moment is surreal. To be so recognized for just doing what felt natural to do, the feeling is priceless.

Photo courtesy of The Slutty Vegan

TN: Tell us about future plans for the business? Where can we find you next?

Pinky: We are growing and expanding. These last five months have been so informative, motivational and influential not only for myself but the city. That is a vibe we feel the rest of the country is desperately in need of. So we are taking this show on the road. We are planning a state-to-state SLUTTY Tour to get the rest of the country SLUTTIFIED.

TN: Where can we follow you all on social media?

Pinky: We are everywhere now socially.  Please stay up to date with us and our tour schedule via IG: @sluttyveganatl FB: @Slutty Vegan ATL and our website: We appreciate all the love and support. Remember to keep it SLUTTY!