Cuba has much to offer outside of Havana, beautiful beaches and the numerous historical sites that make the island popular.

The natural history and reserves on the island are just as exciting. Often, Cuba’s stunning waterfalls don’t receive the level of praise that they truly deserve. Join us in discovering these impeccable waterfalls from all parts of the island that you must add to your Cuban to-do list.

Salto del Guayabo Waterfalls


With 25% of Cuba’s Holguín province being covered in forests, it goes without saying that the natural landscape in Holguín is unreasonably impressive. Salto de Guayabo, the highest cascade on the island, is no exception. The primary viewing point is 546 meters above sea level, so be prepared for quite the trek.

While Salto del Guayabo is considered the main attraction of La Mensura Natural Park, visitors have the option to enjoy other breathtaking phenomena such as the natural pools, Pozas de Rafeal (Rafael’s puddles), the flora and fauna as well as the onsite restaurant overlooking the waterfalls.

Salto de Soroa Waterfalls


Soroa is a highly recommended destination in Cuba and is located within the Sierra del Rosario, a declared Biosphere Reserve. To the west of the island, this waterfall is known for its cooler temperatures, plentiful green and gentle current that makes for a wholly relaxing visit.

Salto de Soroa also forms crystalline pools, which is a healing and enriching place to go for a swim. Since Soroa is relatively close to Havana, visiting this waterfall makes for a perfect day trip.

El Nicho Waterfalls

Heading to the center of the island, El Nicho waterfalls, a collection of the island’s most outstanding falls, awaits. Located in the Gran Parque Natural Topes de Collantes, between Trinidad and Cienfuegos, El Nicho waterfalls are a natural wonder not to be missed.

While the main attraction is certainly the large waterfall at El Nicho, the trail goes beyond the waterfalls and leads guests to a picture-perfect view of the valley, the forests and several other smaller natural pools.

Salto de Javira


The spectacular landscape within Parque El Cubano is made even more impressive by the Salto de Javira falls. Located just outside the city of Trinidad, the waterfalls and its crystal clear cold water is visited by many people throughout the year.

The pools at the foot of the waterfall are 1 to 8 meters deep and if you swim below the surface you’ll be surprised to explore hidden caves beneath the waterfall.

Salto de Caburní


This incredible waterfall is also located in Gran Parque Natural Topes de Collantes and has the additional bonus of a trail full of native plants, different species of animals and the surrounding forest.

At 64 meters high, Salto de Caburní springs among the rocks and forms a pool enjoyed by travelers and locals alike. To get the full grandeur of the falls, it is advised to avoid visiting between March and May, when the falls are not at their fullest. The brave enjoy jumping from the top of the waterfall and plunging into the pool at the foot of the cascade.