Making the move to Ghana or Senegal makes for a completely different expat experience. Black expats have long adored both of these West African countries for different reasons. Whether a long-term nomad or a first-timer to living abroad, both Senegal and Ghana have much to offer. In this article, we compare these two countries to offer a look at the abundance within West Africa alone. Having palm trees, golden beaches and incredible vibes might make these nations seem similar, but there is more to explore.

Whether looking to enjoy life in one of the original homes of Jollof rice (Senegal wins the Jollof wars, we said it) or looking for a place to stay alive in the lively streets of Accra, we will guide you through the best expat option to move to Ghana or Senegal.


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Senegal is gaining the attention it deserves as one of West Africa’s most peaceful, culturally rich destinations for the Black expat looking to escape into an artistic oasis of sun, sand and serenity. If you’re here for unspoiled peace – only to be disturbed by the many street music artists – then Senegal could be the destination for you.

The Vibe

Artistically, Senegal is what Kenya has become for the Eastern side of the continent. The rich art scene is world-known and hard to ignore. Moving abroad to Senegal means engaging with its vibrant cultural scene and getting to know the plethora of successful, local artists documenting the country in real time.

The timeless chic and sophisticated architecture reflects the vibe in the city. Come prepared to be amazed by this francophone African country and its ability to go from extreme chill to intense style come nighttime.

Senegal is a predominantly Muslim country and is known for being a safe space for people of many religions, with it being a norm for people of all religions to live harmoniously. French and Wolof are the main languages spoken, and the currency is the West African CFA Franc. Living in the vibrant capital, Dakar, is a very affordable option with range for luxury and budget lifestyles for Black expats coming from around the world.

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Consider Senegal as your new home if you are looking for one of Africa’s more serene coastal countries. With so much to offer, the country quietly boasts of a variety that is hard to match. Looking to learn how to surf? Senegal has a spot for you. Hoping to move slowly through a fisher village where each meal features some of the best fish you’ll ever taste? Head down to Gorée island. Wanting the bustle of a city without the exhaustion that often follows you long into the night? Senegal will teach you balance. The simplicity of Senegal seems to range further than meets the eye, and Black expats are catching on.


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Who hasn’t got a friend living in Ghana? The pure vibes of Accra alone is enough to encourage Black travelers to make the move and start a whole new Ghanaian life. Being a hotspot for the African Diaspora, Ghana has become a spiritual, cultural and literal haven that only seems to be rising in popularity. But is it for you?

The Vibe

The noise, the humor, the familiarity, the rush, the many cultures existing in one space – Ghana is truly heaving with life, it quite literally packs a lot. The Ghanaian charm that grips Black expats is the sense of pride in land and belonging that is hard to ignore.

There is a large and expanding expat community in Ghana, which makes the move relatively comfortable, maybe even less daunting. With this growing community comes endless chances to network and build community with the wider African Diaspora.

With Ghana being home to many clans, language and traditions, there isn’t a day when you won’t learn something new and be presented with a new side of the country. In this way, the country is forever growing for a Black expat looking to get to know the history of the country.

The official language is English though, as mentioned, there are many languages spoken in Ghana including Twi and Fante to name just two. The currency is the Ghanaian cedi and neighboring countries are Togo, Côte d’Ivoire and Burkina Faso.

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As mentioned, Ghana is one of the main destinations for Black expats looking for a home-base on the continent. In this sense, you have to be OK with crowds, with people (lots of them) and with traffic that seems endless.

Ghana’s ‘Year of Return’ made the country particularly welcoming for Black expats looking to resettle or connect with their roots. You’ll enjoy Ghana if you’re entrepreneurial, network-centered or have a personality that wants to be rooted in an African country full of people with ideas and creativity.

Ghana is also an excellent option for travelers hoping to connect with the natural beauty outside of Accra – day trips and weekend trips to Northern Ghana are highly recommended to make the most of your time outside the excitement of Accra.


So, when the time is right and you’re ready to consciously move abroad with an open heart and a listening ear, Senegal or Ghana will introduce you to a new side of life that will be hard to forget – whichever you choose, that we can promise.