According to CNN Travel, passengers on board a United Airlines flight got the scare of their lives. The plane, bound for Houston, experienced turbulence so severe that five passengers had to be hospitalized on arrival.

What Flight Was It?

CNN Travel reported, “United Airlines flight 128 landed at George Bush Intercontinental Airport around 5:30 a.m. local time after traveling from Río de Janeiro.”

Public information officer, Augusto Bernal reported, “the flight experienced severe turbulence that resulted in five passengers being transported to the hospital once it landed in Houston.”


Turbulence Happens, However...

It’s not unusual for planes to encounter a bit of turbulence, but it usually doesn’t last long. Nor is it severe.

But United Airlines claimed that the turbulence in this case was above and beyond.

“United flight 128 encountered unexpected turbulence while en route to Houston,” the airline said in the statement.

“Upon arrival, two passengers and three crew members were met by medical personnel and taken to a local hospital with minor injuries.”



This Week Has Been Eventful Regarding "Rough Air"

This event follows a turbulence- related issue involving Hawaiian Airlines Flight 35.

Half an hour before touching down in Honolulu, the journey became rocky.

CNN Travel explained, “on Sunday, at least 36 people on Hawaiian Airlines Flight 35 were injured, according to Honolulu Emergency Medical Services, sending 20 people to emergency rooms.”