Looking for last-minute flight deals this September? Look no further. September is a great month to secure an amazing flight deal as many people are heading back to work and school.  It’s one of those months that you can typically find a deal to a historically expensive place from the summer months. We’ve created a list of top destinations where the flight deals are too good to be true.

Here are five flight deals to consider this September for less than $400 round-trip.

1. San Andres Island, Colombia For $175 Round-Trip

San Andres Island, Colombia, South America
Photo Credit: Tifonimages

Located in the Colombian Caribbean, San Andres Island is truly a charm. The group of islands is home to some of the country’s best beaches, where you will find perfect sunsets and white beaches – something you will see on a postcard.

There are a few flights from the U.S. that will get you there for less than $200 round-trip.

 The cheapest flight leaves from Miami, according to Skyscanner.  Just use Sept. 8 – Sept. 15 as your travel dates.

2. Toronto, Canada For $206 Round-Trip

Toronto, Canada
Photo Credit: Yash Golwaia

Now is a great time to go to Canada as there are a ton of flight deals that will get you to exciting cities, including Toronto, for less than $300 round-trip.

Newark, New Jersey is the best option, according to Skyscanner. Use Sept. 17 through Sept. 24as your travel dates for a round-trip flight for $206.

3. Willemstad, Curaçao For $295 Round-Trip

Willemstad, Curaçao
Photo Credit: Patricia Hamilton | Getty Images

If you’re looking for a Caribbean destination this September, but you don’t want to worry about how hurricanes will impact your travel plans, then Curaçao is the destination for you.

Curaçao is below the hurricane belt, which means it’s less likely to be impacted by a storm.

Because of this, a flight deal to Curaçao can be hard to find this time of year – but this deal proves that it’s not impossible.

The best departure city this September for Curaçao leaves New York City, according to Skyscanner.

Use Sept. 8 through Sept. 15 as your travel dates,  for a round-trip for as low as $295 on JetBlue.

4. Asuncion, Paraguay For $390 Round-Trip

Photo Credit: Jan Schneckenhaus

This is an unreal deal and if you can fly out of Fort Lauderdale or Miami, you are the winner this September as both of these destinations can be reached for less than $400 round-trip.

Miami is the cheapest option. According to Skyscanner, there are deals from Sept. 2 through Sept. 16 that will get you there for as low as $390 round-trip with a layover in Panama City, Panama.

Cheap flights to Paraguay don’t come easy, with the average flights hovering around $1,100 during this time of year.

For just a few more dollars, there are also deals to Paraguay from other departure cities, including New York, Orlando, and Los Angeles. Just follow this link.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands For $398 Round-Trip

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Photo Credit: Chait Goli | Pexels

From majestic canals to breathtaking museums, Amsterdam is one of the greatest small cities in the world.

This September, you can get to Amsterdam for less than $400 round-trip thanks to Air Europa leaving from Miami and New York City, but Miami is the cheapest option.

Use Sept. 20 through September 27 as your travel dates in Skyscanner.