Our 2023 travel goal is to travel with accessories that make our lives on-the-go seamless and stress-free. Shoutout to Amazon for being our one-stop shop for all our travel accessories and products. 

Whether you’re looking to travel germ-free or organize your toiletries when packing, our favorite finds from Amazon will improve your travel experience. 

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Here are our five must-have travel products from Amazon:

Etekcity Digital Handheld Luggage Scale

Gone are the days of being caught with an overweight bag at the counter. The Etekcity Digital Handheld Luggage Scale is a perfect size, making it easy to pack and ensuring you won’t get caught with overweight fees.

TrayMask Disposable Tray Table Cover

We all know by now how gross airplane tray tables are. Protect yourself from catching colds and viruses with the TrayMask Disposable Tray Table Cover. All you have to do is slip the cover over your tray table and throw it away once you’re finished with it. The mask also can double as a trash bag and has games on one side in case you get bored.

Dot&Dot Leak-Proof Travel Bottles

The Dot&Dot Leak-Proof Travel Bottles are an absolute lifesaver in the quest to be more organized while traveling. Instead of purchasing travel-sized products, squeeze your favorite shampoos, conditioner, hair gels, lotions, and more in these TSA-friendly silicone bottles.

Riemot Luggage Travel Drink Caddy

How often have you wished you had more than two hands while zipping through the airport? With the Riemot Luggage Travel Drink Caddy, you can get your coffee fix without worrying about spills while heading to your gate. Whether traveling solo or with the family, this caddy is perfect for holding your phone, passport, water, coffee, and more. Just slip it over your suitcase handle and go!

Perilogics Universal In-Flight Airplane Phone Mount

If you’re tired of holding your device while streaming in-flight, this gadget will quickly become your favorite. The Perilogics Universal In-Flight Airplane Phone Mount attaches to the back of your tray table and allows you to watch your favorite shows from your device hands-free at eye level. For less than $20, your hands and neck will thank you. 

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